New Job? Here Are 6 Tips for Getting to Know Your Coworkers

New to your job? Take a look around you – these are the people you'll spend most of your waking hours with, the people you'll lunch with, collaborate with, take meetings with, and even become friends with. Getting to know your co-workers should be high on your priority list.

But if small talk doesn't come easily for you, or if you're a bit of an introvert, getting comfortable with new co-workers can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a few easy tips and tricks to help you get started.

1. Show your sweet side.

Nothing says "let's be friends" like homemade goodies or a box of donuts from your favorite local shop. Food is a natural conversation starter – everyone has a favorite treat or breakfast – and showing your friendliness with treats is a great way to put your best foot forward.

2. Find a fitness friend.

Asking a co-worker to walk with you during lunch or join you in the gym before or after work sets the stage for easy conversation. If you're lucky, you'll find a regular fitness friend to keep you both motivated.

3. Ask a few proven get-to-know-your-coworkers questions.

Lighthearted icebreakers are a tried-and-true way to get your new co-workers talking. Ever played "Two Truths and a Lie"? Ask your co-worker to tell you two things about him or herself that are true and one thing that isn't; it's your job to spot the lie. This can also be a great group activity. If you're not comfortable playing games, ask about popular lunch spots or where to find the best coffee. People love to share their knowledge and offer advice – asking questions is a natural conversation starter.

4. Join a carpool.

Who doesn't love to save a little gas money and have someone along for the ride when traffic gets you down on the way to work? Carpooling with co-workers can let you share a bit of your lives with one another in a natural and stress-free way, opening the door to potential friendships.

5. Extend an invitation to lunch.

Chances are good that someone in your department will invite you to lunch during your first week on the job. But if they don't, take the initiative and extend your own invitation. You'll seem more approachable and team-oriented if you show your interest in getting to know your co-workers outside the office.

6. Say yes to a charity event.

Many companies host or support charity and fundraising events throughout the year. At AmTrust Financial, employees love participating in our annual charity events, like 2018's Valentine's Day bake sale for the American Heart Association. Jump in and get involved – it's a perfect opportunity to ask questions, show your commitment to a good cause, and improve relationships with the people you work with.

Don't let a sea of unfamiliar faces at work discourage you. You may not find an office bestie your first day on the job, but with a little effort, you can find that handful of people you really connect with to make your transition to your new job a little more easy and fun.

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