Citrix Data Breach

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On March 6, 2019, the FBI told Citrix, a multinational software and cloud computing company, that the company’s network was attacked by international cybercriminals. The data breach could potentially give the hackers access to over six terabytes of sensitive data stored on the Citrix enterprise network. Currently, Citrix provides access to virtual private networks to over 400,000 businesses worldwide.

Cyber Criminals Gain Access to Citrix Network

The FBI believes that the cyber attackers used a tactic called password spraying, which exploits weak passwords by attempting to access a large number of accounts with a few commonly used passwords. Once the hackers got into Citrix’s system, they broke through additional layers of security.

Ian Thornton-Trump, Head of Cyber Security for AmTrust International, quoted in the Forbes article about the data breach, stated that the cyber incident could be more serious than we currently know with the criminals getting access to data from older Citrix products. Find out more of Ian’s concerns and recommendations for companies to increase cybersecurity in the Forbes article.

Protect Your Company with Cyber Liability Insurance

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