Vested Insurance Partnership
(VIP) Program

Share the reward on the best and most profitable
accounts you place with us.

The Benefits of Participating in AmTrust’s VIP Program

The VIP Program provides you the opportunity to share underwriting profits on the best and most profitable accounts you place with AmTrust. No other commercial or personal lines insurer offers a similar program.

Are You Using Your VIP Status to its Fullest Potential?

Your VIP status makes you an elite agent at AmTrust. Not only will you have the opportunity to increase income on your most profitable business, but you also have access to opportunities only available to this exclusive partnership.

Put your VIP code to use and enjoy:
  • 25% of the underwriting income on the accounts you select for the program
  • 91% annual average ROI
  • Receive 100% of your existing profit-sharing and commission in addition to VIP income

VIP Program Details

AmTrust's VIP Program is an exclusive profit-sharing program. We are the only carrier in the industry making this offer, and it's the oldest, largest and most efficient program of its type.
  • Receive 25% of the underwriting income on the accounts you select for the program
  • Most lines of business are eligible
  • No minimum individual premium size
  • No impact on underwriting, pricing or commission income
  • In addition to dividends and commission, profit-sharing is also paid
  • Up to $500,000 of existing AmTrust business eligible for VIP

Why Participate in AmTrust’s VIP Program?

As a VIP member, you'll receive 25% of the underwriting income on the accounts you select for the program. You'll earn both underwriting and investment income while continuing to earn the usual commission income.
  • Most lines of business are eligible
  • No minimum individual premium size
  • No impact on underwriting or pricing
  • No impact on commission income

In addition to dividends and commission, profit-sharing is also paid on any account (or any portion of any account) not already ceded to the program.

VIP Program by the Numbers

  • $800M in written premium since inception
  • 250+ agents and wholesalers
  • Over 10 years of operation
  • $76K average annual dividend
  • $0 letters of credit and/or collateral

VIP Program Success Stories

Our partners come in all shapes and sizes, and VIP Members are no different. But one thing they all have in common is the ability to turn their experience into profit.

Here are just a few of the amazing success stories from AmTrust's agency partners.

$1,745,417 OF PROFIT
LARGE WHOLESALER – "King of the Hill"

A single location wholesaler, privately owned by three individuals, joined the VIP program. Through their keen insight into underwriting and the nature of risk, they knew they could control the amount of profit they made.

$397,867 OF PROFIT
SMALL RETAILER – "Turning Grey Hairs into Cash"

This small, independent insurance agency joined the VIP program feeling they could finally monetize their decades of experience and hand-pick clients with whom to share risk with AmTrust. These clients have benefited from their risk management advice over the years, and now the agency could finally capitalize on their investment into their clients' success.

$300,191 OF PROFIT
SMALL RETAILER – "Young and Hungry"

Focused on a myriad of businesses, this small retailer is young and entrepreneurial and always looking for ways to create value. For over five years, they have worked hand-in-hand with AmTrust to identify, write and share their very best new and renewal business.

$289,579 OF PROFIT
SMALL RETAIL AGENCY – "Small…but Mighty"

This small, hometown agency has been in business for over 150 years with a handful of riches and a member of the AmTrust VIP program for over five years. They had previous experience and success with similar agency-owned reinsurance programs, and the current team was anxious to claim a share of AmTrust's underwriting profit.

$521,432 OF PROFIT
MEDIUM-SIZED RETAILER – "Families Who Reinsure Together…"

Decades of personal attention at this highly respected retail agency and family operation provided them exclusive insight into their clients. Upon joining, the agency successfully hand-picked only those they felt would drive a significant underwriting profit for the carrier.

$494,450 OF PROFIT
SMALL PAYROLL SERVICES COMPANY – "Jack of all Trades, Including Reinsurance"

Independently owned and operated, this boutique payroll, tax, insurance and compliance services firm joined the VIP program nearly a decade ago. They understood their client base and could identify and share the stronger risks with AmTrust.

$445,458 OF PROFIT
SMALL GROUP OF SMALL RETAILERS – "Strength (and Profit) in Numbers"

This partnership of 15 small, independent insurance agencies pooled their resources together nearly ten years ago and funded a cell to participate in the VIP program.

$1,255,000 OF PROFIT
LARGE RETAILER – "Success through Consolidation"

A single location privately-owned independent retailer joined the VIP program and formed their cell nearly ten years ago. By consolidating carriers, they not only maximized profit but connected their clients with a carrier that understood the unique needs of their industry.

What VIP Members Say

"The AmTrust model was the only one we found to be straightforward, transparent and truly provided us the opportunity to share in their underwriting profit."

Frank Sorochen, Jr., President of Associated Specialty, Member since 2011 

"The only thing I regret is not starting this program sooner."

Robert Licciardello, COO/Owner, All Insurance Underwriters, Member since 2015 

"The program has created a unique partnership that allows access to key decision-makers at the insurance company in a way that other companies do not offer."

Neil Owens, Principal, Elias B. Cohen & Associates, Member since 2013  

"A partnership where the carrier, agency and insureds all benefit."

Dan Robertson, Partner, Insurance Office of America, Member since 2014  

"For agents that understand risk, ordinary profit-sharing plans can't compete."

Randall Goss, Chairman & CEO, U.S. Risk Insurance Group, LLC, Member since 2013

Frequently Asked Questions about the VIP Program


How does the VIP Program work?


Business is written through AmTrust with no impact on customer coverage, claims handling or your day-to-day operations. You choose which business goes into the program immediately at the point-of-sale.


Who is eligible?


Eligibility is limited to a select group of independent agents and wholesalers who commit to placing a book of highly profitable business into this program and participate in the profits generated. No start-up expenses or capital contributions are necessary in the first year, so getting started is simple.


Can I roll in my existing AmTrust business?


Yes. You can roll up to $500,000 of your existing AmTrust business! Over $500,000, you can continue to roll existing business if matched with new business, inside or outside the VIP program.


Who can I contact to learn more?


Steve Bankes | 312.805.3835 | or your AmTrust regional sales representative.


Is this a product?


No. It is simply a program to reward you with profitable new business.


Do I have to contribute capital right away?


No. Most agents wait until they've built up a profitable book before taking on the risk.


Do agents commonly disclose participation in the program to their clients?


There is no rule to disclose your participation since the partnership does not produce commission income. Income is derived through a dividend based on the profits generated.


What if I don't meet the premium goal?


If you do not meet your premium goal, your VIP code may be discontinued; however, an agency in good standing making a good faith effort would likely be given additional time to meet their goal.


When will I receive my money?


Three years after the expiration of all the policies for a given underwriting year, that year will be eligible for dividend.


Will it affect my profit-sharing with AmTrust?


All premium is eligible for profit-sharing if the agency qualifies for profit-sharing regardless of whether it ceded to the cell.


Will it affect my E&O insurance?


Since this program is not technically a captive and has no impact on your insureds, there is no effect on your E&O insurance.


What is the benefit for AmTrust?


The Agency receives 25% of our bottom-line profit and we retain the remaining 75%; therefore, we win together or lose together.


Should I own the stock, or should it be owned by an LLC or the agency?


All are viable options, but you should seek advice from your tax advisor.


Will you offer tax advice?


No. We do not offer tax advice.


May I speak with an existing member?


Yes. Most existing members are happy to speak with prospective members.


What happens if I suffer a large loss?


You will share 25% of the first $250,000 of any loss; therefore, the maximum deduction from your loss fund per claim is $62,500.