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Flexible, affordable coverage makes AmTrust’s BOP attractive to small business owners.


Businessowners Policy from AmTrust

A businessowners policy (BOP) from AmTrust combines basic required coverages you would normally buy separately into one bundle for a lower premium. Our BOP is perfect for small businesses with fewer than 50 employees, and it includes general liability, property and business interruption. You can add other coverages, like crime, cyber, employee benefits coverage and others as needed. Including one of our BOP enhancements will increase some coverage limits and add several other property and liability coverages. 

What Industries Need a Businessowners Policy?

We write coverage for businesses across a wide range of industries, including full coverage for the following business classes:

  • Professional offices
  • Business and personal services
  • Contractors
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Wholesale
  • Habitation/Apartment/Condo

Why Choose AmTrust for a Businessowners Policy?

Our agents are experienced, knowledgeable and available to develop a BOP that offers the exact coverage your business needs. Our BOP product not only provides flexible and extensive coverage, it is also highly affordable, making it attractive to many small business owners.

Not only are our premiums highly competitive, but we also offer discounts for clients in targeted classes when paired with workers’ compensation. For workers’ compensation policyholders, we offer agents a 10% discount on bundled AmTrust BOP coverage. Getting a quote is easy, with most taking only 3-5 minutes to quote ezBOP accounts. 

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Businessowners Policy FAQs
What are AmTrust's preferred BOP class codes?

AmTrust currently underwrites over 350 class codes, which makes us an ideal fit for a vast number of small businesses. While not all inclusive, our BOP coverage is particularly well-suited for the following classes:

What does a businessowners policy not cover?
Even though you often can customize your businessowners policy, there are certain types of coverages that are not included, which you must purchase separately. Examples include workers' compensation and auto insurance.

It's not unusual for business leaders to be unsure of how much coverage they need under a businessowners policy, or whether they can benefit from customization. After all, each business has unique considerations needing to be considered. The market is also in a constant state of flux, which can change business goals and requirements, as well as valuations.

The following exposures are generally ineligible for our BOP coverage:
  • Manufacturing
  • Contractors
  • Hotels and motels
  • Buildings with more than 25% vacancy
  • 24-hour retail
  • Seasonal operations
  • New ventures with less than 3 years’ experience in general management of another operation of similar type and size
  • Businesses located in Alaska, Florida or Hawaii
Knowing what our preferred exposures are will help you market our BOP coverage more effectively. A more targeted approach to potential accounts will help you save time while also maximizing the possibility of earning higher commissions.
Is a businessowners policy right for small businesses?
Like any other form of insurance, businessowners policies enable business leaders to protect companies from a variety of risks, hedging against potential financial losses and improving stability. This protection is especially important for smaller or midsize companies, who often don't have extra funds to recover as well from disasters.

Secondly, bundling coverages is usually less expensive than buying many separate policies. In this way, the practice isn't much different than what cable, Internet, and phone companies do, or how you can save on most products by buying in bulk quantities. Premiums on this type of insurance also may be deductible as a business expense on your company's taxes.

You also might find that your BOP is easier to deal with from both a logistical and time perspective. You work with the same provider for all included coverages and have fewer documents to reference and track.

Lastly, by purchasing a BOP from AmTrust, you gain peace of mind knowing that, should something go wrong, you'll be in a financial position to rebound well. With that worry out of the way, your focus can stay where it should—on growing your company so that it can thrive.
How much does a BOP cost?
Premium is based on your unique exposures and values, but a BOP premium can be as low as $500.
Who is a businessowners policy right for?
Most small business and depending on your business and unique exposures may be able to write sales as high as $7.5M and combined building and contents limits as high as $5M.  

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