3 Reasons Small Businesses Need BOP Coverage

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As a general standard, business owners are a tough bunch. It takes grit and guts to embark on a business journey, and it’s not all glory and sunshine. Running a business is hard work. Not only is a business owner responsible for the livelihood of their employees, but they’re also responsible to their clients and customers to keep the lights on and the doors open.

With an AmTrust BOP, small business owners can help make sure that even if the worst happens, the business can still keep running. Why do you need a BOP? Keep reading to find out.

A BOP helps you protect your company

You hope it never happens. You have fair business practices and pricing. You make sure that all of your employees are educated on the policies and procedures of your business. But it can happen to anyone. A lawsuit is an expensive inevitable and one you should be prepared for.

The single biggest benefit of a BOP is that it allows you to protect your company and your assets in the event of an expensive lawsuit. General Liability is one part of a BOP, and it is designed to cover third parties who harm themselves or are harmed on your company property. If a product isn’t assembled properly, or a storage rack topples over, your BOP coverage will help ensure that your business is protected.

A BOP bundles coverage to make insurance more affordable

Save on the cost of insurance with an AmTrust BOP.

Keeping expenses low is the best way to keep the business income high. But how can you do that if you’re paying too much for your business insurance policies? BOP coverage makes it easier and more affordable to maintain the coverages you need by bundling the products most small business owners need to protect their business.

Because you bundle several products together with a BOP, you may be able to get the benefit of getting a multi-policy discount. It works similarly to the discount you get from bundling home and auto insurance together with some individual insurance companies. Bundling general liability, property insurance, and business interruption coverage all into one means you may be able to get a BOP discount.

A BOP offers business owners peace of mind

How much would you pay for peace of mind when it comes to your business? BOP coverage makes it easy to maintain all of the common coverage businesses like yours need without thinking twice about it. Instead of managing multiple policies with multiple carriers, a BOP means you have one policy, one carrier, and one easy process for getting claims covered.

Learn more about AmTrust’s BOP

Businesses small and large benefit from the cost-savings that an AmTrust Business Owner’s Policy has to offer. Whether you’re just starting out with a small budget and just one client, or you’re about to launch a second location, your business is close to your heart. Protect your company and your assets with an AmTrust BOP.

Ready to learn more? Check out the Business Owner’s Policy page on the AmTrust website to find out whether a BOP is the right option for you. And when you’re ready to get started, contact an AmTrust appointed agent.



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