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    Integrate With the AmTrust API

    Rate, quote and bind policies using AmTrust’s industry-leading APIs.

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    Seamlessly Integrate from Quote to Bind

    We know that our partners have their own digital landscape that they are comfortable working in. Our API seamlessly integrates with all types of systems from agent and wholesalers to Middleware and AMS. We are able to offer full integration from quote to bind, or even partial integration depending on your needs. We have over 300 bind online eligible class codes with more being added.

    With our API, you integrate with AmTrust systems from your own platform to:

    Review Our Appetite

    Quote the Product

    Bind the Policy

    Preferred Classes & Industries

    While not all-inclusive, our API is particularly well-suited for the follow classes and industries:


    • Artisan Contractors
    • Private Schools
    • Beauty Shops
    • Professional Offices
    • Buildings-operations by Owners or Contractors
    • Restaurants


    • Doctors and Dentists
    • Retail Stores
    • Hotels
    • Wholesale Stores
    • Machine Shops Light Metalworking


    • Financial Institutions
    • Nonprofit
    • Restaurant Insurance
    • Retail

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