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With AmTrustCyber, companies have access to a comprehensive set of solutions created to help protect their business from the dangerous world of cyber risks.


Why Do I Need Cyber Insurance?

Any business using computers to complete day-to-day tasks should consider cyber insurance a necessary coverage. In the last decade, cyber threat to business has changed. While the loss or disclosure of sensitive data used to be a company’s primary concern in assessing their cyber risk, businesses are increasingly facing cyber risk that can threaten their operations and even their existence. Adding cyber insurance is a small cost, but the risk of not doing so can be devastating.

Why Choose AmTrust for Cyber Insurance?

AmTrust knows small business, and we recognize that you shouldn't have to be a Fortune 500 company to afford protection against cyber risk. When a cyber event happens, AmTrustCyber stands ready as a trusted partner to help you respond.

Smaller organizations are targeted as frequently as major corporations with cyber threats but often lack access to the expertise and resources that large businesses can draw upon. Cyber Liability insurance from AmTrustCyber gives your business comprehensive financial protection and expert assistance to navigate a broad range of cyber threats to your company's data, operations and reputation. 

With an "A-" (Excellent) rating by AM Best, AmTrust Financial always seeks to deliver superior services at a rate that's both fair and affordable. We work with AmTrust-appointed agents to provide you with a quote for cyber insurance quickly and easily.

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Cyber Insurance FAQs
How do I get cyber liability insurance?

The first step to getting AmTrustCyber coverage is to connect with an AmTrust appointed agent. Your agent will help you understand your risks and the coverage you need. Cyber coverage with AmTrust can be quoted and bound in minutes, giving you cyber protection quickly!

What does cyber liability insurance from AmTrustCyber cover?
AmTrustCyber provides streamlined and comprehensive insurance designed to protect any small business in the event of a cyber incident. The clear, simple and robust coverages are designed to follow the progression of a cyber event.

The AmTrustCyber policy includes coverage for:

Coverage for the Insured's Direct Loss (First-Party Loss):

  • Ransom Payments: Expenses or payments to respond to a cyber extortion demand or ransomware attack.
  • Data & System Recovery: Costs to restore the computer system to the same level of functionality that existed prior to a cyber event and to restore, retrieve, repair or reinstall electronic data or software damaged from a cyber event.
  • Business Interruption: Income loss and expenses incurred during the interruption or slowdown of operations caused by a cyber event at your business.
  • Business Interruption from Suppliers: Income loss and expenses suffered by the company due to a vendor or supplier experiencing a cyber event of their own.
  • Reputational Harm: Income loss incurred due to a cyber event becoming public and hurting the company's reputation.
  • Cyber Incident Response: Expenses to respond to a cyber event, including:
    • Legal Services
    • Computer Forensic Services
    • Notification of affected individuals
    • Provided protective services such as credit monitoring
    • Public relations
  • Cyber Deception: Financial fraud, phishing attack loss, and telecommunications fraud loss sustained because of a social engineering event or impersonation attempt.
  • Cryptojacking: Malicious software that uses the computer's power and resources to mine for digital currency – this can interrupt your own operations, lead to huge electricity bills, and shorten the life of your computers and other devices.
Coverage for Claims Brought Against the Company (Third-Party Liability):
  • Privacy and Network Liability: Defense against claims filed against your business because of a cyber event.
    • For example, a stolen laptop or any type of data breach may result in the wrongful disclosure of sensitive data.
  • Regulatory Fines: Fines and penalties imposed by a governmental agency resulting from a cyber event or violation of privacy regulations.
  • Payment Card Penalties: For companies that take credit card payments, there is coverage for forensic investigation costs, fines, penalties and assessments that businesses owe to the credit card companies because of a cyber event on their systems.
  • Media Liability: Defense against claims filed against your business because of the release or display of material on websites, print media, etc. This includes claims alleging copyright infringement, slander, libel, defamation and other media perils.
What Sets Apart Cyber Liability Insurance from AmTrustCyber?
AmTrustCyber is admitted and available countrywide (all 50 states including D.C.) and can be added alongside any AmTrust product or can be bound as a stand-alone monoline policy. Either way, insureds will have access to dedicated limits and coverage to protect them from cyber risk.

AmTrustCyber offers in-house expertise and services specifically tailored to enhance the cyber response and defenses of small and mid-sized businesses. From practical tips for preparing your company for a cyber event to having an experienced professional to help you during a cyber crisis, the AmTrustCyber team is here to support you every step of the way. Dedicated AmTrustCyber experts can be reached 24/7 via email or phone to help guide and assist businesses through a cyber event.

The AmTrustCyber team has a deep bench of incident response experts ready to help our insureds defend against and recover from cyber threats to their business. From ransomware that shuts down operations and email phishing scams to attacks that damage computers, the AmTrustCyber team will work with the business to coordinate with the experts they will need to get back to business.

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