AmTrustCyber Services

As a valued customer of AmTrustCyber, we offer the following cyber services free of charge. Please contact us to schedule a cyber service.


Meet With A Cybersecurity Expert

Complimentary consultation with a technical cybersecurity and incident response expert at one of AmTrustCyber’s trusted cybersecurity service partners.

Scan Your Company's System For Cyber Threats

Get your complimentry cyber vulnerability scan and report from one of AmTrustCyber’s trusted cybersecurity service partners. When vulnerabilities are identified, we show you where they are and how to fix them.

Train And Educate Your Employees

Complimentary training with one of AmTrustCyber’s preferred cybersecurity and privacy counsel to help your company learn how to identify and avoid phishing attacks.

Meet With A Lawyer That Specializes In HIPAA

Complimentary consultation with AmTrustCyber’s preferred healthcare information security counsel to help your healthcare practice avoid or mitigate the effects of potential cyberattacks, and ensure compliance with HIPAA.


*AmTrustCyber refers to the cyber insurance underwriting unit of AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. (“AFSI”).

**Each of the services referenced above (the “Services”) is provided by a third party with no affiliation to AFSI, and AFSI offers to connect you with these service providers as a matter of convenience only. AFSI makes no representation or warranty as to the efficacy, adequacy or legality of the Services rendered by these third parties, and expressly disclaims any liability in connection therewith. By contacting AmTrustCyber to utilize the Services, you expressly waive any claim you may have against AFSI in connection with the Services.
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