Loss Control

Specializing in risk management solutions to prevent injuries and improve employee safety

Free Training Video: Protecting Yourself Against COVID-19 and Other Contagious Illnesses

AmTrust’s Loss Control Department offers a wide variety of workplace safety training videos, including our most recent video focusing on measures to protect yourself, employees and coworkers against COVID-19.

How to Keep Your Workplace Safe from Coronavirus

COVID-19, a novel coronavirus, is impacting people and businesses around the world. Learn about steps you can take to keep your company and workers safe. 

Loss Control Services for Injury Prevention and Employee Safety

Business protection starts with knowledge. Having the right safety resources and commercial property safeguards are keys to a successful business. AmTrust’s Loss Control Department can give you the individual attention you deserve, identifying specific hazards and offering solutions that fit your operation. We are dedicated to providing meaningful recommendations and resources to help create the most effective loss prevention program for your company. From consultation services by our qualified specialists, to extensive website resources, we have the expertise and tools to help you lower risk and strengthen your business.

How does AmTrust's Loss Control Department help prevent injuries and keep employees safe?

AmTrust’s Loss Control department specializes in loss prevention and risk management solutions that improve employee safety. Identifying and taking the steps to reduce risks can lower employee injuries. Our loss control capabilities focus around two main efforts – training for employees and consultant services to identify specific risks. Our regional offices can assist insureds in creating safety policies and procedures and educating employees. Our consultants can assess physical locations and observe employees engaged in work to identify hazards, and make recommendations to address them. The quality of AmTrust’s Loss Control team and our willingness to help make our services a strong asset. We make a difference. Our loss control solutions do more than save a company money – they help to save employees’ lives and protect business owners’ property, too.

Take a proactive approach in reducing workplace injuries and improving employee safety with loss control services from AmTrust. Please
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