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Key Risks Facing Municipalities and Local Governments

City managers and city councils need to be aware of the unique risks facing local governments. For instance, the health and safety of the community should always be top of mind, while financial sustainability and infrastructure should also be a priority. Promoting safety procedures and safe practices are key to managing risks for municipalities. Local governments should carefully consider any potential liability issues and ensure all employees have undergone proper safety training.

Municipality and Local Government Safety Training Videos

AmTrust knows that creating a safe working environment through robust training is key to a proactive approach in minimizing injuries, incidents and controlling costs. AmTrust policyholders can gain free access to all relevant specific training videos for local government safety by clicking here to complete the form. These videos are designed for small group or large group training (classroom style) to enhance safety culture and facilitate safety meetings.

To view municipality safety videos:

  • Click this link:‚Äč
  • Enter username and password
  • Depending on your organization's training needs, type a related keyword in the search box.  For example: traffic, school, active shooter, driving, fall, PPE
  • After the safety videos appear, simply click the “Play Video” or “Juega Espanol”. To the right are examples of videos available to our policyholders.

Along with this access, AmTrust policyholders receive a subscription to our entire library of Loss Control videos, which serve as complete training kits with a leader’s guide, quiz and certificate of completion. The majority of the videos are also available in Spanish.

Policyholder video examples
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Municipality Resource Documents

View the resource documents below to find local government safety training resources and information on general safety procedures and hazard safety tips.

Editable Safety Procedures that can be customized with your municipality's name & logo

General Safety Procedures

Driver Safety
Emergency Planning and Response
Job Safety Analysis
New Employee Safety Orientation
Safety Committee Operation
Safety Inspection Program
Work Zone and Traffic Control

Hazard Specific Safety Procedures

Bloodborne Pathogens
Chemical Right to Know
Confined Space Entry
Cranes, Slings, and Hoists
Fall Protection
Forklift Operations
Hand and Portable Power Tools
Hearing Conservation
Heat Stress Prevention
Ladder Safety
Lockout Tagout
Machine Guarding
Personal Protective Equipment
Respiratory Protection
Welding and Hot Work

Additional Documents

Hazard Specific Safety Talks

Safety Talk Bloodborne Pathogens
Safety Talk Chemical Right to Know
Safety Talk Confined Space Entry
Safety Talk Cranes, Slings, and Hoists
Safety Talk Fall Protection
Safety Talk Forklift Operations
Safety Talk Hand and Portable Power Tools
Safety Talk Hearing Conservation
Safety Talk Heat Stress Prevention
Safety Talk Ladder Safety
Safety Talk Lockout Tagout
Safety Talk Machine Guarding
Safety Talk Personal Protective Equipment
Safety Talk Respiratory Protection
Safety Talk Welding and Hot Work


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