What is Loss Control & Risk Management?

The AmTrust Loss Control Department provides one of the most effective risk management support programs available. Reducing risk helps businesses not only protect their employees and business assets, but potentially save on the bottom line by reducing hazards under any line of written coverage.

What are AmTrust’s Loss Control capabilities?

We offer our policyholders both training and consultation services, including:
  • Regionally located consultants across North America
  • Hazard identification & control: surveys and techniques
  • Jobsite surveys
  • Education and training
  • Accident investigation
  • Technical loss analysis and consultation
  • Underwriting/risk evaluation

What does the Loss Control process entail?

A solid training program is one of the proven keys to safety and our complimentary material will give you high quality, relevant content. It’s also an excellent way to keep safety top of mind throughout the organization. Be sure you review these pages for risk management support and solutions pertinent to your coverage and business. Depending on your line of coverage, your industry and type of operations, an onsite visit may be scheduled.  Typically, customers will set up an appointment and our team will come to your site and perform several tasks including:
  • Discuss safety policies and procedures
  • Assess certain hazards and their controls
  • Fact verification
  • Observe physical conditions and employees engaged in their work
To complete the process, formal recommendations for improvement may be sent to each customer, including photos of hazards when possible to enhance understanding. Our specialists are available to discuss all recommendations, including why they were made and ways to get started on addressing them.

What sets AmTrust’s Loss Control team apart?

The quality of our team and our willingness to help make our Loss Control services a strong asset. We believe that our work does more than just save a company money – it’s about helping to save lives and property too. We make a difference. We have resources for every business we cover and we urge you to leverage them to help safeguard the health of your business.

Contact Us

If you’d like more information about our loss control offerings for Small Business Insurance, please contact us by email at AskLC@amtrustgroup.com or by phone at 888.486.7466