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Commercial Property Protection and Maintenance

Commercial package loss control is a multi-faceted process that varies by the type of business, region of the country, season of the year and other factors. Recognizing this multiplicity, AmTrust has partnered with the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety to bring you important and relevant commercial property resource articles.

Examples of these informative commercial property maintenance topics include:
  • Fire sprinkler maintenance
  • Hurricane preparation
  • Commercial flood loss prevention
  • Tornado and hail preparation
  • Links between business continuity and community resilience
New articles are produced about once a month, so check back often.

To learn more about Commercial Property Protection and Maintenance,
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Reduce Energy Costs with Web-Based Tool, Hartford Steam Boiler

HSB Efficiency First™ is designed to help your small to mid-sized business get control of their energy costs. It identifies specific energy efficiency opportunities, provides practical recommendations to achieve those savings and equips your business with resources to assist with the operation and maintenance of your equipment.

This easy-to-use tool benefits you in many ways:
  • Provides practical strategies to reduce energy costs.
  • Helps keep operations up and running while avoiding business income loss due to equipment failure.
  • Assists owners in ensuring key equipment runs at optimal conditions.
  • Informs decision making about targeting of capital budgets for equipment upgrades.

Commercial Property Protection Resource Documents

Understanding the specific commercial property risks your organization faces is key to enhancing employee safety. View our library of general safety topics for commercial property protection and maintenance below.

Winter Weather



Protecting Business from Wildfire
Wildfire Protection – East Coast
Wildfire Protection – Great Lakes
Wildfire Protection - Northwest
Wildfire Protection – Rocky Mountain
Wildfire Protection - Southeast
Wildfire Protection – Southwest

Equipment Operation and Efficiency - Interactive Guides

Energy costs for small business can be as high as 30% of total operating cost. Simple steps such as insulating water piping & tanks can mean real savings for your business. AmTrust has partnered with Hartford Steam Boiler in offering you these free guides to help reduce your costs. See these money saving tips here:

Equipment Operation and Efficiency: Small Business Operations
Equipment Operation and Efficiency: Restaurants
Equipment Operation and Efficiency: Schools K-12
Equipment Operation and Efficiency: Religious Institutions
Equipment Operation and Efficiency: Dry Cleaning
Equipment Operation and Efficiency: Apartments and Condos

Fire Protection Forms

Fire Emergency Response Team Form
Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection Form
Monthly Fire Protection Inspection Form
Monthly Fire Safety Inspection Form
Smoke Detector Battery Inspection Form
Sprinkler Control Valve Inspection Form

AmTrust Loss Control, in partnership with Paragon Risk Engineering, offers resources for Property Loss Control to assist you in maintaining and inspecting fire protection equipment and to manage risks from fire and other emergencies:

Emergency Organization
Inspection Testing Maintenance Fire Protection Equipment Frequency Matrix
Electric Fire Pump Inspection Checklist
Hot Work Permit Program
Weekly Fire Pump Inspection Test Procedures
Diesel Fire Pump Inspection Checklist