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Transportation Safety Training Videos

Driving is a universal hazard and motor vehicle crashes have far-reaching, sometimes devastating effects on businesses. AmTrust's Loss Control Department offers our policyholders free access to safe driver resources for our workers’ compensation, commercial auto, fleet and motor carrier customers.

This includes an array of streaming commercial driver safety videos for your use in a group training atmosphere geared towards those who drive personal or company vehicles at work, including individuals who operate heavier commercial vehicles. AmTrust policyholders can gain free access to all types of transportation specific training videos by clicking here to complete the form.
To view transportation safety videos that can help keep commercial drivers and your employees safe behind the wheel:
  • Click this link:
  • Enter username and password
  • Depending on your organization's training needs, type a related keyword in the search box. For example: transportation, driving, safety
  • After the safety videos appear, simply click the “Play Video” or “Juega Espanol”. Below are examples of videos available to our policyholders.

Along with this access, AmTrust policyholders receive a subscription to our entire library of Loss Control videos, which serve as complete training kits with a leader’s guide, quiz and certificate of completion. The majority of the videos are also available in Spanish.

Policyholder video examples (click here to receive login credentials)

transportation videos

Transportation Resource Documents

Explore our library of transportation safety materials to help protect your drivers and minimize risk. Below you’ll find helpful information for commercial drivers, vehicle safety and more.