Digital Devices: Security Tips for Our Connected World

Topics: Cyber Liability

In our fourth and final week of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we focus on how digitally connected our world has become and the risks that follow. Below are steps to protect yourself and your devices in our digitally-connected world as well as our associated critical infrastructure.

  • Don't tamper with your smartphone: Never “jailbreak” or “root” your devices. Hacking the software can cause vulnerabilities and void the phone warranty.
  • Understand your personal Internet of Things (IoTs): Keep an inventory of anything in your home that connects to the Internet. Always change the default passwords for these devices. When possible, segment them from your home and work networks.
  • Use Bluetooth sparingly: Keep Bluetooth disabled until you need to connect to a device. Although useful, Bluetooth can be an entry vector for unwanted devices and malware.
  • Don't use trial versions of software: The trial version doesn’t receive updates, so new malware introduced after the trial version was released could access your PC.
  • Be cautious with social networking: Don’t post pictures or texts that reveal any personal information like home addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, or places you and your family regularly attend, such as schools or recreational complexes.
  • Keep application software updated: Since many software programs don’t have an automated update feature, attackers frequently target those programs to gain unauthorized access to a computer.

More information on protecting smart home devices can be found by vising

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