AmTrust’s PolicyWire Top 10 Blogs for 2021

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Throughout 2021, AmTrust offered a variety of industry news, best practices, workplace safety recommendations and trends for commercial insurance agents and the businesses they serve on our blog, PolicyWire.

AmTrust's Top Ten Blog Posts for 2021

AmTrust’s Top Blog Posts for 2021

Here’s a recap of our top blog posts last year:

Employee Appreciation During COVID-19

While Employee Appreciation Day is in March, showing gratitude to your employees year-round is important, especially during these stressful and uncertain days amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Companies Benefiting from COVID-19

While some businesses have struggled to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, others have succeeded and thrived. This article looks at which types of businesses are most successful and actually have benefited from the coronavirus crisis.

COVID-19 Work from Home Best Practices

Whether you have a regular work from home schedule or can work remotely during bad weather or due to closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is vital that your workers are set up for success. Here’s what companies should do to ensure a safe, productive work from home environment.

Cyber Attack: What to Do After a Security Breach

Regardless of how big or small your business is, recovering from the aftermath could be difficult if your data, important documents, or customer information is exposed. Find out what to do if your business is a victim of a cybersecurity breach.

Types of Commercial Insurance

Having the proper commercial insurance coverage is critical for small businesses to protect their company, employees and property. This article takes a closer look at the different types of commercial insurance policies.

Cybersecurity vs. Data Privacy 

Cybersecurity refers to the measures taken to protect a computer or computer system against unauthorized access from a hacker. On its most basic level, data privacy is a consumer’s understanding of their rights as to how their personal information is collected, used, stored and shared. Learn the differences and similarities in this article.

Employees Injured Outside of Work

Are the injuries that an employee suffers when not on the employer’s premises covered by workers’ comp? We take a closer look at some situations where workers’ compensation could cover an injured employee outside of work or off the job.

Coffee Shop Risk Assessment

According to AmTrust’s Restaurant Risk Report, cafes and coffee shops yield the highest amount of lost time in the workplace due to employee injuries, with 45% more time lost than all other restaurant types. Coffee shop owners should create a robust risk management plan to help reduce some of the common insurance risks they face.

Risk Transfer Examples

Risk transfer involves transferring the risk of injury or property damage caused by a company you hired - a contractor, vendor, or other suppliers -- through a contract or insurance policy. Transferring risk examples include commercial property tenants assuming the risk for keeping sidewalks clear, an apartment complex transferring the risk of theft to a security company and subcontractors taking the risk for the work they perform for a contractor on a property.

Are Barbershops and Salons Safe to Visit During COVID-19?

COVID-19 has presented new risks for every profession. Many states shut down hair salons and barbershops as part of the shelter in place or stay at home orders. When the salons reopened, customers wondered if it was safe to go for a trim, while stylists and barbers needed to know how to keep themselves protected.

AmTrust Protects Your Small Business

AmTrust is a leading small business insurance carrier for small to mid-sized businesses across the country. AmTrust’s Loss Control Department knows that access to the right safety resources and commercial property safeguards are keys to a successful business. We work closely with our agents and policyholders to design the specific small business packages they need to have a safe workplace, comply and succeed. Contact us to learn how we can create the right coverage for your organization.

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