Focusing on the People Experience in 2023

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Summary: During 2023, AmTrust’s 25th anniversary year, the HR department is focusing on listening to employees, helping them grow their careers and ensuring the onboarding process for new hires is as seamless as possible.

Making AmTrust Financial a Great Place to Work

For our 25th anniversary, the AmTrust HR team is focused on creating a great experience for our people. What makes a company a great place to work? Some notable features include a place that:
  • Helps people develop and grow their careers
  • Recognizes and fairly and equitably values everyone’s contributions
  • Provides a sense of meaning, purpose and connection
  • Offers a community where all feel welcome, respected, and included
This year, AmTrust is focusing on further building consistency in experience and equity in opportunity at every step in the employee career cycle. That starts with the new employee journey, continues with technical and professional development and extends to more support for leaders and managers.

AmTrust RISE Leadership Summit

As much as 2023 is a year where we will provide more opportunities for learning and development to all of our people, we are also here to listen and learn from them. For instance, we released an Engagement Survey for all employees to provide feedback. The HR Listening Tour will visit offices throughout the year, and our HR business partners and other trusted team members are always available to assist employees on their career journey at AmTrust.

In the words of the U.S. Surgeon General, “Work is one of the most vital parts of life, powerfully shaping our health, wealth, and well-being.” A great experience at work translates into healthier, happier lives, and that is our highest priority.

New Employee Journey

Ensuring our new employee journey is consistent and engaging is a critical step to appropriately integrating our newest team members into our culture. Our HR and IT teams are partnering to enhance the new hire experience, including ensuring immediate access to the tools and information needed to become a productive member of the company. Additional enhancements are on the horizon, but we already have several in place. For instance, before a new employee starts, we ensure they understand what to expect on their first day. We provide checklists, a day one video course to help with computer setup, and designated IT virtual assistance hours every Monday.

AmTrust marketing team

All new U.S. employees undergo AmTrust Orientation. Global Learning & Development (GL&D) is partnering with Claims, North American P&C and Warranty and Specialty Risk in 2023 to create department-specific orientation programs to further integrate and engage our new employees.

*AmTrust International follows a different pre-hire and onboarding process.

Existing Employee Technical and Professional Development

As Chairman and CEO Barry Zyskind and President Adam Karkowsky expressed in a virtual town hall earlier this year, we want AmTrust to be a place where employees want to stay and grow their careers. To assist in continuing to develop professionally, GL&D encourages all employees to participate in the existing opportunities available globally, such as the following:
  • Thirst for Knowledge Thursdays
  • My Career Development Plans (U.S. Only)
  • Mentoring Program
  • DiSC Communication Styles
  • Monthly AmU Challenges
  • Monthly Learner Spotlights

Leadership Acumen and Support

Authentic leadership is at the heart of the employee experience. Leaders drive the implementation of our culture, vision and values while inspiring and growing AmTrust’s future leaders. As we continuously improve the experience at all levels, we ensure leaders have the knowledge and support to guide their team members toward growth and development. HR is currently analyzing and creating an AmTrust leadership framework to provide consistent and engaging training and resources to all U.S. leaders. This framework will include categories such as Self-Leadership, People Leadership, Strategic Leadership and Business Acumen.

AmTrust CEO Barry Zyskind wants AmTrust to be a company for employees to grow in their careers

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