The Growing Importance of Mental Health at the Workplace

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The workplace can boost an employee’s mental health. With careful planning in the right work setting, people can thrive. Work is where they earn a living, socialize with colleagues, and feel a sense of purpose and belonging.  

In recent years, both larger companies and small business owners have developed a growing appreciation for the role mental health plays at work. Here are some ways promoting mental health affects the workplace and what you, as an employer, can do to promote the mental well-being of your employees.

How Promoting Mental Health Affects the Workplace

In general, offering a healthy work environment enhances a company’s ability to function and be profitable. Here are a few specific examples of how mental health affects the workplace.

Recruiting and Retention

Employees are realizing the value of a workplace that promotes mental health. In a 2022 survey by the American Psychological Association, 81% of respondents said they would consider how employers support mental health when looking for work in the future. That means employers who show that their employees’ mental health is of utmost importance to them will improve their chances of attracting and retaining top talent.


Unaddressed mental health issues can lead to lost productivity. According to the World Health Organization, 12 billion workdays are lost each year due to mental health conditions. In addition to missing work altogether, employees with mental health issues don’t perform to their fullest potential. A healthier employee will be better able to adjust their performance for both growth and productivity.

Healthcare Costs

Mental health issues can get costly. Addressing these issues through preventative measures is more effective and less expensive. Promoting the right environment and offering professional help early on will prevent companies from spending excessive amounts of money on mental health in the long run.

Company Culture

An emotionally healthy environment at the office encourages camaraderie and support. Employees will get along better, feel motivated to do their jobs and take pride in the organization. This positive energy will lead to improved customer service and a generally good impression of the company in the eyes of the public.

How to Promote Mental Health at Your Company

There are many ways you can be proactive in establishing an environment that promotes mental health at your office.

Awareness and Support

Educate employees about mental health issues. Let them know what to look for and what resources are available. Be supportive of their needs to help them feel they can be open in the workplace about their struggles. You can arrange for online courses or periodic in-person seminars on mental health, so they know how to keep their spirits up and what to do when an issue does arrive.

Work-Life Balance

Overworked employees may suffer from burnout, which affects their mental health and productivity. Vacations, breaks during the workday, and family time are all important for your company to encourage. A little bit of “me time” will pay huge dividends in terms of mental health and increased productivity.

Hybrid Work

Coming to the office every day can be overwhelming for some employees. If possible, allow your employees to work from home some days of the week. Avoiding rush hour traffic, a change in scenery, and some alone time can keep an employee relaxed and ready to work.


It can be very stressful when an employee isn’t prepared to do their job. Make sure your employees have the skills they need to perform their duties. Especially when there’s a shift in responsibilities or when the company introduces new software, ensure that you’re offering your employees the necessary training.
Even if they don’t need training for their current position, consider offering training to learn new skills. Being well-rounded will make your employees feel more needed, marketable, and secure in their jobs.

Offer Your Employees the Help They Need

You can provide your employees with mental health options through your company’s workers’ compensation insurance. AmTrust Financial’s expert insurance agents are accustomed to guiding business owners toward a workers’ comp package that includes mental health coverage tailored to the organization’s needs. Contact us to learn more about our workers’ comp insurance coverage.

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