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Mark Uriu always knew he wanted a career in the fine arts. Educated as a fine arts painter, his career experience began in Europe in 1978 working at an English decorating firm, where he was first exposed to painting decorative finishes. He brought those skills back to the states in the early 1980s and started Knox Uriu, Inc., specializing in English-inspired painted finishes. The company grew quickly and allowed him to apply his creative propensities into the real world of clients, employees, budgets and schedules.

Today, his company, Uriu Nuance, is world-renowned and featured in publications like Architectural Digest. Uriu even has a range of celebrity clientele who appreciate his exceptional design.

“Good Design Makes People’s Lives Better”

Uriu learned from Imogen Taylor, the senior partner at Colefax and Fowler, one of the most emulated interior design firms in the 1980s. “She taught me how to work decoratively within architecture and utilize what I knew about color, pattern and form, all with a deep understanding of historical context and tradition,” he said. The two remain close, even as Taylor celebrates her 93rd birthday this year.

Uriu understands that a well-designed and executed surrounding affects a person’s quality of life. He and his team work with clients to ensure each finish is perfectly suited to the environment and the tradition of the overall design. His artisan painters take the time to formulate techniques based on samples, pictures, ideas or even from a conversation with a client.

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Uriu Nuance’s works include distressing and antiquing, faux finishes, wood finishing, pictorial, floors and furniture. They have done work in some of the finest residences in the world, completing projects he considers to be “real masterpieces of design and execution.” However, his proudest achievement is putting together the team responsible for completing the work.

“It is the bringing together of a bunch of people with very different backgrounds and skillsets, and organizing and training them to accomplish something much greater than the sum of the individual parts, that is still the most rewarding aspect of my work,” he said. “We have many employees that have been with us for decades. Unless our work is invested with the human touch, what we do would be meaningless.”

uriu nuance

The Importance of Having an Insurance Carrier They Can Trust

As Uriu’s work is executed on building sites, there’s always the possibility for injuries or accidents among his team. This means having the right small business insurance coverage is an absolute necessity.

“To have the right carrier and an agent that understands both the highpoints and the vagaries of this business is essential. Given that our primary concern has to be on the creative and timely execution of our work, insurance has to be something that happens well, without too much thought,” Uriu said.

Uriu works with Jon Jacoby at Inter City Agency, and he has been insured as an artisan contractor by AmTrust since 2013 for his workers’ compensation coverage. He has a great relationship with Jon, who has been both his agent and friend since 1984. Jon not only has a deep understanding of insurance, but also of the fine arts industry and the specific risks facing Uriu Nuance.

“Jon tells us how to manage risk, gives advice on how to structure contracts, handle employees, etc. He personally knows the personalities in our office and in the field, and he understands our demanding clientele,” he said.

A believer in long-term relationships, Uriu also values the coverage AmTrust provides for his unique business. “AmTrust has been great. They give us top quality coverage, have been flexible on terms, and are responsive to our needs and questions.”

Small Business Insurance Solutions from AmTrust Financial

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