AmTrust is Inspired by Our Small Business Clients and Their Big Dreams

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Kenny Chang, the CEO and founder of KCAL Insurance Agency, arrived in the United States in the early 1980s and experienced significant challenges as a new immigrant. He decided then that he wanted to serve his community and make the immigrant experience easier for others. He became an insurance agent in 1984 and since then, he has helped those in the Chinese community understand the importance of having insurance coverage and managing risk.

Ma Lu Bian Bian Hot Pot and UN1QUE Tea, owned by Arthur Tang and Downey Zhang respectively, serve as examples of two local businesses and their owners that are succeeding with the help of KCAL. Just like Kenny Chang, both Arthur and Downey are Chinese immigrants who came to the U.S. to follow their small business dreams. KCAL helped both of them become #AmTrustInsured, who provides the security they need to make sure their business and their employees are protected from risk.

Kenny’s daughter, Angela, is the chief strategy officer at KCAL. Like her father, Angela understands that having a sense of community is vital to the success of their agency. “Being a part of our community is super important to us, so we take part in a lot of community events,” explains Angela. “We really have that culture of everyone helping each other, and we really strongly believe in teamwork here.”

KCAL Insurance Agency and AmTrust have been partners in protecting small businesses together since 2013.

AmTrust Supports Small Business Inspirations

AmTrust is dedicated to building dreams together with our clients and protecting those dreams, allowing owners like Arthur and Downey to continue focusing on what they love. We offer risk management solutions from Workers’ Compensation coverage to loss control services, proactive claims management and additional protection for our insured’s day-to-day operations.

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