Home Office Ergonomics Tips

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To help prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), governors across the country have issued stay at home or shelter in place orders. As employees find themselves unable to return to the workplace due to these orders, many organizations developed and instituted work from home policies to maintain a level of productivity. These employees must create home workspaces where they can be the most productive with the proper technology, secure connections and communications procedures – and stay comfortable while doing so.

Work from Home Ergonomics

Workspaces need to be ergonomically friendly to help prevent additional strain on the body. Employees should be more flexible at home than they are in the office by making sure they regularly shift positions, get up and keep moving throughout the workday. See how to set up your home office to be ergonomically friendly and help reduce muscle strains, body aches and sore and dry eyes

home ergonomics

Protecting Your Remote Workforce with AmTrust

AmTrust Financial understands and supports small businesses across the country as they adjust to working at home. Contact us for more information about small business insurance options that can protect your onsite employees and your remote workers.

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