Hit a Homerun with AmTrust’s Small Business Coverage

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Summary: With baseball season starting, set yourself up for the win by covering all the bases for your clients. You'll never strike out with AmTrust's easy-to-use online tools, excellent loss control services, superior claims handling and flexible payment options. Find out how to hit a grand slam with your insurance coverage. 

AmTrust goes to bat for our agents with online resources, loss control services, superior claims handling, flexible payments and more. We offer a full lineup of coverage options from Workers’ Compensation and Commercial Package to Businessowners Policy to Cyber Insurance and more. Go for the win with AmTrust’s small business insurance options!

Go for the Win with Small Business Insurance Options


Go for the Win with Small Business Insurance Options

AmTrust agents understand that each business owner has their own unique insurance risks and requirements to help their small business clients go for the win. Our agents help their clients hit the ball to score runs and succeed.
  • Single - Workers’ Compensation: Workers’ compensation insurance is a vital part of the small business insurance coverage lineup. This insurance covers medical care costs, retraining and lost wages for most types of employees if they are injured on the job. Workers’ comp insurance is required by most states and it is a good foundation on which to build your small business insurance policy. Don’t get “caught stealing” by not having the correct workers’ comp coverage in place.
  • Double - Businessowners Policy (BOP): Go for two bases by protecting your small business with a businessowners policy that can be customized to your specific needs. The BOP bundles commercial insurance coverages, including general liability and property insurance which normally would be separate policies. The bundled approach can also help lower the overall policy cost.
  • Triple - Additional Coverages: Slide into third by adding additional coverages such as cyber insurance or employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) to further protect your business. Cyber liability insurance can protect your company against damages from a network security or privacy breach in which customer data or confidential corporate information is exposed or stolen by a hacker. EPLI coverage protects small businesses against certain employment-related legal disputes between employers and their employees, former employees and job applicants such as those regarding age, race or gender discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, failure to promote and wrongful termination.
  • Home Run - Loss Control Program: By covering all your small business insurance bases, you can hit a home run for your employees. Go for the grand slam by having the right safety resources and commercial property safeguards to reduce risk and ensure the success of your business. AmTrust’s Loss Control team can give your business the MVP attention it deserves, identify specific hazards and offer solutions ideally suited to your organization.

AmTrust’s All-Star Lineup of Small Business Insurance

Be prepared for the curve balls that come with running a small business by having the right insurance coverage for your team. AmTrust offers a comprehensive suite of small business insurance solutions from workers’ compensation policies to commercial property coverage to general liability to fit your business’s needs. Contact us to find outhow AmTrust goes to bat for our agents and their clients.

This material is for informational purposes only and is not legal or business advice. Neither AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliates represents or warrants that the information contained herein is appropriate or suitable for any specific business or legal purpose. Readers seeking resolution of specific questions should consult their business and/or legal advisors. Coverages may vary by location. Contact your local RSM for more information.

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