AmTrust Visits Inspirational Nonprofits in Chicago

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Nonprofit organizations understand the importance of building relationships with the people in the communities in which they serve. A nonprofit must serve the public by offering goods, services or a combination of the two to further a social cause and provide a public benefit.

There are over 1.56 million nonprofits registered with the IRS, contributing an estimated $985.4 billion to the U.S. economy. Nonprofits accounted for 12.3 million jobs in 2018, which is 10.2% of the total U.S. private sector employment. The District of Columbia had the highest percentage of nonprofit employment at 26% and Nevada had the lowest percentage at 2.7%. This amount does not take into consideration the millions of volunteers who give their time to nonprofit organizations.

Inspired by Our Nonprofit Insureds in Chicago

AmTrust Inspired launched earlier this year, highlighting the inspiring relationships and stories between our appointed agents, insureds and AmTrust. We met three family-owned small businesses at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles and visited the tightknit community of Astoria, NY to meet two local businesses and the insurance agent they call a friend. Then, in the culturally diverse city of Miami, we visited a restaurant, bakery and the agents who serve them.

To embody the season of giving, AmTrust Inspired traveled to the world-class city of Chicago, full of friendly people with strong Midwestern values. We featured three nonprofits who all play very important roles in their communities. The insureds represent different aspects of the nonprofit world, from dog therapy and a dance studio to marketing assistance for small businesses.

Nonprofits impact the lives and well-being of lots of people:

Amy Giordano, Executive Director of the Gus Legacy Foundation, describes the importance of their work, “The Gus Legacy Foundation is changing the lives of so many children here in the Chicagoland area.”


Callie Cozzolino, Executive Director, Canine Therapy Corps agrees, “The best part is taking dogs and seeing them change people’s lives and help people.”

Insurance agents also recognize the importance of understanding the nonprofit world and protecting their clients’ businesses. Polly Kosyla, President of S. Wolf & Associates, shared, “I think our clients are very interested in the fact that we’re in Chicago. We’re a family business and I think they feel very comfortable working with us. We really do speak their language. We understand that world [nonprofits] and that is not something that they typically get from commercial brokers.”

Every Business Has A Story

AmTrust Offers Nonprofit Insurance Coverages

AmTrust nonprofit insurance provides all lines of insurance coverage specifically tailored to the needs of nonprofit organizations. A few of the nonprofit classes we cover:
  • Human services
  • Education
  • Mental health and crisis intervention
  • Housing and shelter
  • Religious institutions
  • Youth development
  • Arts, culture and humanities
  • Animal care
  • Philanthropy
  • Environmental services
Our coverages for nonprofit organizations were created with their specific exposures in mind. In addition to our workers’ compensation coverage, we offer property insurance and a management liability product that encompasses director and officer liability, fiduciary, cyber and employment practices liability.

The nonprofit sector is a large and diverse one, and we understand that agents succeed when they have the flexibility to meet the unique needs and expectations of each organization. Our agents are dedicated to helping our nonprofit clients achieve their goals and succeed on every level.

AmTrust Products are Designed for Nonprofits

AmTrust helps protect the dreams of nonprofits, allowing organization directors to continue focusing on what they love. Our nonprofit insureds receive the empathy and ongoing support of professionals who truly understand their organizations. We work with thousands of nonprofit organizations across the U.S. to assist them in keeping their employees and volunteers safe.

For more information about our nonprofit insurance solutions or becoming an appointed agent, please contact us today.

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