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Summary: AmTrust traveled to Boca Raton to meet Anthony Barber, owner of Troy’s Barbeque, and his insurance agent, Steve Clein, for the latest installment of Inspired. Learn how they adjusted and kept going through the many challenges that popped up due to COVID-19 shutdowns.

By Hunter Hoffmann, SVP Global Marketing & Communications

Behind the Scenes: Inspired in Boca Raton with Troy’s Barbeque

  • Giving out 65,000 meals to the hungry and the homeless in your community
  • Keeping all of your employees on the payroll during the pandemic
  • Growing your family business while staying true to your roots

Troy’s Barbeque in Palm Beach County, Florida, is doing all of these things and more. AmTrust is excited to share their story in the latest edition of AmTrust Inspired. Over the last two years, AmTrust has shared our clients’ and agent partners' stories in a variety of industries across the US. AmTrust supports 250,000 small businesses in the US, and we’ve made it our mission to celebrate our clients and support their success.

The Best Laid Plans

After filming the amazing stories of two Chinese immigrants and the businesses they built in Los Angeles in January 2020, the rest of our AmTrust Inspired filming plans for the year – like everything else – were put on hold. We turned our focus to content that would help our customers and agents access loans, keep their employees and customers safe and navigate the impacts of COVID-19. Eventually, at the very end of 2020 and after a couple of tries in different states, we set up our next customer profile.

We connected with our South Florida Regional Sales Manager, Marlen Sanchez, and were able to work with C & C Insurance to set up a shoot with our client Troy’s Barbeque in Boca Raton, Florida.

Things were more than a little different from previous shoots. Safety was the first and most important thing on everyone’s mind, and I brought AmTrust masks for everyone – an item that didn’t exist when we had our last shoot in January 2020.

The smoke from the grills rose in the sky, and the delicious smells of barbeque filled the air as we set up the shoot.

We got there early like we always do, so we could get as much footage as possible before the lunch rush came in. We appreciated Troy’s team's hospitality, and my only regret is that I didn’t order more barbeque for lunch.

Troy's Barbeque in Boca Raton

Troy’s Barbeque

“The secret of our success is consistency.” - Anthony Barber, Owner of Troy’s Barbeque.

Troy’s Barbeque was started in 1996 by Anthony’s father, Troy Davis, in a small shack in Boyton Beach. While the company has grown to three sit down locations, with two more planned, Anthony was proud to say that the way they grill their ribs, and everything else, is the same now as it was in that shack on Boynton Beach. As Troy’s continues to expand throughout South Florida, that’s one thing that won’t change.

Like other restaurants across the country, Troy’s had to adapt their business in 2020. Right away in March, Anthony got Troy’s two food trucks out in the community and to continue generating revenue and keep his staff working. Troy’s origins as a takeout only spot helped make it a smooth transition. Anthony proudly shared that he had kept all employees on his payroll by adapting his business to everyone’s new reality.

Troy’s Barbeque has always tried to be part of the community by participating in blood drives, back-to-school supply drives and health fairs. They came through for their community in 2020 by donating over 65,000 meals through the Miami Dolphins Hunger Relief Program and Hospitality Helping Hands Hunger Relief Program.

C & C Insurance and AmTrust are inspired in Boca Raton

C & C Insurance

Steve Clein is the president of C &C Insurance, a full-service insurance agency that has worked together with AmTrust for 20 years to help small businesses in Florida manage their risks.

Steve and his agency worked closely with all of their clients in 2020 to provide them with information about adjusting their coverages and offering help as they navigated the pandemic. It’s always nice to get together with our agents and clients on these shoots to learn more about their relationship and how they work together.

Nobody knows exactly what 2021 has in store for us, but as long as we can do it safely, we’re looking forward to profiling more AmTrust customers and agents later this year and sharing their stories.


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