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For Downey Zhang, owner of UN1QUE Tea and Bar in Hacienda Heights, California, it’s all about offering his customers the best tea made with only the highest quality, freshest ingredients.

“I’m trying to create my own brand. A new generation of tea shop,” he said.

There’s no doubt that Zhang knows a lot about tea, from both frequenting different shops as a customer and working in them as an employee throughout the years. Since coming to the U.S. to follow his small business dreams and opening UN1QUE Tea and Bar in 2018, he, his partner and their eight employees make it their goal to provide patrons with a memorable experience and delicious drinks that keep them coming back for more.

“We invest money to improve our drink quality by choosing better tea leaf, better fruit…and to provide customers outstanding drinks,” Zhang explained. “We’re trying to make all of our drinks better quality for the customer, and to develop the tea culture worldwide.”

*video filmed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic

The History of Tea

To Zhang and many Chinese Americans, drinking tea is part of their everyday life. “It’s like Starbucks to Americans,” he said. “It’s not just a drink, it’s a culture.”

Tea is a major part of Chinese history, dating back almost 5,000 years to ancient China. In fact, China is known as the birthplace of tea. Legend has it that around 2730 B.C., Emperor Shen Nung was boiling some water in the shade of a wild tea tree when a gust of wind blew some of the leaves into the pot of water. He found the scent pleasing, so he drank it, discovering the taste was delicious as well. He enjoyed the brew so much that he began researching the plant. Learning of its medicinal properties, he encouraged the cultivation of tea for its many benefits.

Today, nearly half the population in the United States enjoys a hot cup of tea on a daily basis. Black, green and oolong tea are the most common varieties consumed, but herbal teas like chamomile and peppermint are also popular. People drink tea not only because they enjoy the flavor, but also due to the health benefits that come along with it. Many teas include antioxidants, which are compounds that can help reduce the risk of certain chronic conditions.

Creating a Safe Culture at UN1QUE Tea

At UN1QUE Tea and Bar, customers enjoy tea infused with fresh fruit like mangoes, grapefruit, and strawberries, bubble tea, black tea lattes and so much more. The employees take their time to explain the menu to patrons to ensure they choose a delicious option that will leave them fully satisfied.

“The cashiers offer the best suggestion for the customer depending on their request,” Zhang said. He explains that a lot of care goes into making the beverages so the look, feel and fragrance is all perfect.

Zhang knows running a small business involves a variety of risks. His employees work with hot beverages and prepare food, making them susceptible to injuries like burns or cuts. Before the shop’s soft opening, KCAL Insurance Agency offered him helpful advice about what insurance carrier would offer the best coverage at the best price.

“It was my first time, so I barely knew anything about [insurance],” he said. KCAL recommended AmTrust for Workers’ Compensation coverage, and Zhang immediately felt comfortable. “They’re a company with soul. It’s like they really help small business owners. [It is] the best small business insurance so far, for me.”

Zhang confirmed, “As our business grows, AmTrust will be by our side.”

Small Business Insurance Solutions from AmTrust Financial

AmTrust continues to be inspired by our small business insureds. We’re proud of our partnerships with our appointed agents, helping and supporting small businesses to allow them to live their dreams every day. For more information about our small business insurance solutions, please contact us today.

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