AmTrust Celebrates 25 Years of Small Business Insurance Solutions

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Happy Silver Anniversary to AmTrust!

“Over the past 25 years, we have established a strong foundation across all three of our business segments, reaching a point today where we can build on our leading position. While we’ve evolved over the decades, the features that have defined us since the beginning remain true. Our entrepreneurial spirit. Our commitment to innovation and service. Our investment in people and technology. Most of all, we are proud of the long-term relationships we have developed and maintained through consistently delivering on our word.” – Barry Zyskind, AmTrust Financial Chairman and CEO

Twenty-five years ago, AmTrust started with a couple of employees and a vision  – a vision that would later become AmTrust. What started as a small warranty company has grown into a global multi-billion dollar company with a broad product offering.

Our flagship product, workers’ compensation insurance, became part of the AmTrust portfolio in 2001. AmTrust believed that smaller businesses were underserved by larger insurance carriers, giving them an opportunity to focus on enterprise classes with lower risks. A desire to be the best-in-class P&C insurer and our commitment to our agents and partners helped strengthen our reputation. Through strategic acquisitions and organic growth, we continued to develop into a global powerhouse, expanding our offerings and entering new markets.

With hundreds of thousands of customers and employees working worldwide, our “can do” attitude continues to give us the momentum to thrive.

And while we’ve grown significantly over the years, some things haven’t changed. Our entrepreneurial spirit. Our commitment to innovation and service. Our investment in people and proprietary technology.
Most of all, we are proud of the long-lasting relationships we have grown and maintained through consistently delivering excellent work.

It’s been an exciting 25 years. As we continue to move with the drive of a start-up and the discipline of a century-old carrier, we’ll meet our clients’, partners’ and agents’ needs today and anticipate their needs for tomorrow.
AmTrust CEO Barry Zyskind thanks employees on 25th anniversary

Small Business Insurance Solutions from AmTrust

 AmTrust understands and supports our small business insureds. We offer a comprehensive suite of small business insurance solutions to fit your business's needs. Contact us today to learn more.
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