AmTrust Inspired: Supporting Nonprofit Organizations in Chicago

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What makes S. Wolf & Associates different from most other insurance agencies is their focus on nonprofit organizations. They have the knowledge and experience to help them address the special challenges that this sector faces. Likewise, more than 3,000 nonprofit and governmental organizations rely on AmTrust for their insurance needs. Together, S. Wolf and AmTrust make a great partnership in helping insure nonprofits in the Windy City – especially for organizations like Canine Therapy Corps, Gus Legacy Foundation and the Rogers Park Business Alliance. Watch the video below to see how AmTrust protects these nonprofit groups, helping them continue to succeed in each of their respective missions.

Whether it’s through comprehensive coverage or an experienced claims staff that understands the importance of a timely conclusion to a reported claim, AmTrust offers the support nonprofits need. According to Executive Director of Canine Therapy Corps Callie Cozzolino, “It’s really good to know that we’re backed up by AmTrust. If something did go wrong, I have all the confidence that we could get everything sorted out, and their people would be supportive and responsive.”

AmTrust delivers an unbeatable combination of sound coverage, stable pricing and exceptional service to both insureds and agents. It pays to work with people who fully understand nonprofits. Executive Director of Rogers Park Business Alliance Sandy Price explains, “The number one item that is always on my mind is funding – money for the organization. When we spoke to S. Wolf & Associates about our insurance, they were able to save us money by switching to AmTrust. AmTrust products are designed for nonprofits.”

The nonprofit sector is a large and diverse one, and we understand that agents succeed when they have the flexibility to meet the specific needs and expectations that each organization has. Poly Kosyla, founder and president of S. Wolf & Associates says, “I think they feel very comfortable working with us. We really do speak their language, we understand that world, and that’s something they typically don’t get from commercial brokers. I think the most satisfying part of our job is knowing that we make a difference for our clients.”

Our coverages for nonprofit organizations were created with their specific exposures and needs in mind. In addition to our nonprofit specialty coverage, we offer a management liability product that encompasses director and officer liability, fiduciary, cyber and employment practices liability.

AmTrust Supports Small Business Inspirations

AmTrust Financial supports small and mid-sized businesses, including nonprofits, with all of their risk management needs, starting with workers’ compensation coverage and other key coverages to loss control services, and continuing with proactive claims management and underwriting flexibility. Our agents are dedicated to helping our small business insureds achieve their goals and succeed on every level.

AmTrust helps protect the dreams of small businesses, allowing business owners to continue focusing on what they love. We work with thousands of mid- to small-sized businesses across the U.S. to assist them in keeping their employees safe.

For more information about our small business insurance solutions or becoming an appointed agent , please contact us today.

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