AmTrust Inspired: Family-Owned Magee’s House of Nuts

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Ray and Blanche Magee started their gourmet nut family owned small business, Magee’s House of Nuts, in 1917 at a tiny space in Los Angeles’s Grand Central Market. In 1934, their Original Farmers Market Restaurant was one of the first non-farmer related businesses to move into the iconic Los Angeles Farmer’s Market. Today, Magee’s Kitchen and Magee’s House of Nuts is run by fourth generation family members who continue the family tradition of high quality food and hometown service. Magee’s Kitchen is known for its world-famous corned beef sandwiches, other open-faced sandwiches and Mexican favorites.

Magee’s Nuts serves a variety of nuts, butters and specialty items. They purchase the best cashews, macadamia nuts and almonds from growers throughout the world, and then carefully roast them to bring out their natural rich taste. Their popular, freshly ground homemade butters are churned daily in front of the customers. The butters, with no salt or sugar added, are world famous for their rich taste and creamy smooth texture.

Nuts About Nuts

Nuts are a primary source of nutrients for both humans and wildlife. Nuts can be used in cooking, eaten raw, roasted or pressed for an oil or butters. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Native Americans ate nuts whole or ground them with what was essentially an early mortar and pestle for flour and nut butter. Likewise, ancient Romans used walnuts to thicken foods, similar to how we use cornstarch today.

Gourmet nuts and butters have been a staple in our diet for centuries. Snack nuts, including almonds, pistachios, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and pecans are extremely popular snack foods sold by a variety of brands in the U.S.

National Nut Day, a food holiday to celebrate the nut as a healthy and nutritious snack, is celebrated every October 22. Nuts are rich in vitamins, protein, folate fiber and essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, copper and selenium. Plus, nuts do not contain cholesterol, they contain mono-unsaturated fatty acids, which help lower LDL or “bad cholesterol” and increase HDL or “good cholesterol” levels in the blood. Walnuts, which contain antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, are considered the healthiest nuts.

Building Family-Owned Small Business Dreams Together

Family-owned small businesses, like Magee’s House of Nuts, are a vital part of the U.S. economy. According to reporting by SCORE, a family business is one that is operated by two or more family members with majority ownership held within the family. Of the 28.8 million small businesses in the U.S., 19 percent are family-owned. Additionally, 1.2 million of these businesses are run by a husband and wife and can be considered mom and pop businesses. Family-owned businesses attribute their long-term success to good governance and a positive culture. They keep money in their local communities and promote strong customer service values.

AmTrust Financial focuses on the needs of family-owned small businesses across the country. We offer risk management solutions from workers’ compensation coverage to loss control services, proactive claims management and additional protection for our insured’s day-to-day operations. Our Loss Control Department works with businesses like Magee’s House of Nuts to make the work environment safer for workers and customers.

AmTrust Inspired

Our insured inspire us every day by the hard work and dedication they and their employees put into their small businesses. We were excited to recently launch AmTrust Inspired, highlighting the relationship and sharing the inspiring stories between agent, insured and AmTrust.

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