AmTrust and KCAL: Partnering Together to Protect Small Business

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KCAL understands the insurance needs of small businesses – especially since they started as one. It began in 1992 with a single desk in a single office. Through hard work and determination, KCAL has become one of the largest minority-owned insurance agencies in Southern California.

AmTrust understands the needs of small businesses, too. The shared goal between KCAL and AmTrust – protecting small businesses with the right insurance coverage – has led to a successful partnership, one that began in 2013.

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AmTrust has awarded KCAL with the True Blue trophy the past couple of years, recognizing them as one of the top insurance agency’s they partner with.

We are inspired by small business and support them with all of their risk management needs, starting with Workers’ Compensation coverage and other key coverages to loss control services. Our agents, like KCAL, are dedicated to helping our small business insureds achieve their goals and succeed on every level.

AmTrust Protects the Dreams of Small Businesses

AmTrust is dedicated to building dreams together with our clients and protecting those dreams, allowing owners to continue focusing on what they love. We work with thousands of mid- to small-sized businesses across the U.S. to assist them in keeping their employees safe. To learn more about our small business insurance solutions and read more inspiring stories like this one, visit

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