Cybersecurity Awareness: It's Your Job, Too

Topics: Cyber Liability

Help Your Business Be Cyber Secure

You may not realize it, but you are a target at work, regardless of what you do. Cyber criminals have shifted how they attack organizations by now targeting individuals. As a result, you are an extension of the security team at your company. Below are some tips to help you stay secure at work:

Password Security

  • Create different, strong passwords for every service and don’t share or write them down.
  • Use a secure password manager whenever possible.

Don't Click

  • Everyone is a target for phishing, and attack vectors may include a malicious link or attachment.
  • Don’t click if it seems phishy and report it for review.

Use WiFi Correctly

  • Ensure the network you are connecting to is the right one as a network can easily be mimicked for malicious purposes.
  • Always use your company's VPN when connecting to Wi-Fi.

Don't Use Random USB Drives

  • Plugging in a random USB drive can introduce the network to malware or other malicious programs that can cause serious damage to the network or your device.

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