National Volunteer Month

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Summary: Volunteers are the backbone of nonprofit organizations' work. April is designated as National Volunteer Month, a month to recognize the accomplishments of your volunteer team. Learn about the history of National Volunteer Month and the importance of volunteering for the community.

National Volunteer Month

Nonprofit organizations play a critical role in providing services and strengthening communities across the United States. They serve a wide range of people across urban, suburban and rural areas from coast to coast.

Nonprofits are one of the largest industries in the U.S., with 12.5 million employees, twice the number of people working in the financial and insurance industries. There are over 1.8 million nonprofit organizations registered with the IRS, contributing an estimated $1.94 trillion to the U.S. economy. Most nonprofits are staffed with a mixture of unpaid volunteers and paid staff. Whether formed for educational, research, religious, or charitable activities, nonprofit organizations often rely on volunteers to help reach their goals.

April is National Volunteer Month in the United States. National Volunteer Month is a time to recognize the importance of volunteering and honor volunteers' contributions as they donate their time and talents to worthy causes.

Importance of Volunteerism

Volunteers fill the service gaps for nonprofit organizations' events and community programs. Americans alone volunteer 8.8 billion hours annually. Volunteers donate their time and talent to their communities by helping out at community events, working at animal shelters, packing food at food banks, spending time doing art projects with seniors and much more.

While volunteers provide service to those in need, helping out in the community has also been found to benefit the volunteer, increasing happiness and well-being and providing potentially better job prospects.

AmTrust Works with Chicago Area Nonprofits

Nonprofits can face unique risks that set them apart from other types of small businesses. Along with needing coverage for property damage and personal injury, nonprofits often work with vulnerable populations like the elderly or children.

“Nonprofits have a higher purpose and passion,” said Parvathy Sree, the vice president of AmTrust Nonprofit Underwriting. “The difference between successful and failing nonprofit, they have to be nimble and adapt the mission to where they are needed. They have to pay attention to risk factors that are coming up.”

AmTrust understands the changing needs of nonprofits. With access to our large portfolio of competitively priced nonprofit specialty insurance products and services, AmTrust agents are uniquely able to address the special challenges that nonprofits and government employers face. AmTrust Nonprofit Insurance provides all lines of insurance coverage specifically tailored to the needs of nonprofit organizations.

AmTrust featured Chicago nonprofits who all play significant roles in their communities. These insureds represent different aspects of the nonprofit world, from animal therapy to marketing assistance for small businesses.

Rogers Park Business Alliance (RPBA), established in 1993, works to implement innovative ways to increase commerce and assist local businesses through programs and initiatives in the Rogers Park neighborhood in Chicago. The organization, run by a small professional staff, is governed by a volunteer board of directors composed of local business owners, residents and other stakeholders.

For over 25 years, Canine Therapy Corps has served the Chicago area with goal-directed, interactive animal-assisted therapy services free of charge. The organization’s volunteers are trained to offer various programs such as outpatient pediatric therapy services, psychosocial programs for veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder, severe depression and other mental conditions, and a group program for adult in-patients undergoing physical rehabilitation.

What is National Volunteer Month?

President George H.W. Bush designated April as National Volunteer Month as part of his 1,000 Points of Light campaign in 1991.

National Volunteer Week, also in mid-April, is a dedicated week to celebrate the impact of volunteer service and their inspiring assistance in helping their communities. National Volunteer Week was first held in 1943 in Canada to honor the women volunteers who collected supplies and helped wounded soldiers in World War II. The U.S started officially celebrating the week in 1974. National Volunteer Week was made official worldwide in 1990.

How to Observe National Volunteer Month

Volunteers’ impact to help communities and those most affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic cannot be measured. Volunteers are the lifeblood of nonprofit organizations, leading the way by stepping up to help their neighbors and communities before, during and after the COVID-19 outbreak. Thanking your volunteers for their work is crucial to keeping them motivated during this time of greater need. Observe national volunteer month by showing appreciation for your organization’s volunteers in a variety of ways, including:
  • Recognize your dedicated volunteers' contributions to your organization
  • Celebrate your volunteers on social media
  • Give a handwritten card
  • Promote and share the impact of your volunteer projects
  • Welcome new volunteers

Nonprofit Insurance Options

Nonprofits face specific risks that set them apart from other small businesses, so they should protect their organization by having the proper nonprofit business insurance. Nonprofit organizations should have the correct volunteer insurance coverage, including general liability and workers’ compensation, to cover potential volunteer injuries and other risks. However, workers’ compensation insurance does not cover volunteers in some states, so each organization should check its state laws.

Nonprofit organizations should consider many types of insurance coverage that protect them from a variety of losses, including:

Keep Your Volunteers Covered with Nonprofit Insurance from AmTrust

AmTrust provides a variety of lines of nonprofit insurance coverage specifically tailored to the needs of nonprofit organizations. We work with thousands of nonprofits across the United States to ensure they're keeping their employees and volunteers safe. For more information about our nonprofit insurance, please contact us today.

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