Build Security Awareness with Phishing Tests

Topics: Cyber Liability

Every organization should make securing sensitive data a top priority. Still, businesses of all sizes fall victim to cybersecurity attacks on a daily basis, which can lead to a tarnished reputation, loss of credibility, and thousands – even millions – of dollars in damages.

What is a Phishing Test?

Phishing is a scam in which an identity thief is able to gain the trust of individuals by pretending to be someone else via an email or phone call. The thief will “phish” for financial information or other sensitive data in a few different ways, such as copying an email template, creating a look-a-like website, or impersonate someone like an IT representative on the phone.

For this reason, phishing tests can be a critical tool in any security awareness program. By conducting phishing tests at your organization, you can better determine how vulnerable your company and employees may be in regards to falling for a cybersecurity attack like a phishing scam.

Course Details

AmTrust Financial Services’ Security Awareness Manager, Lauren Zink, has spent nearly a decade developing, expanding and maintaining security awareness communications and education programs for large global corporations. She will share some of the lessons she’s learned throughout her career in security awareness by implementing phishing tests firsthand in her LinkedIn Learning Course, Build Security Awareness with Phishing Tests.

The course will explain how to add phishing tests to any security awareness program. Whether your organization has a training program already in place or you’re interesting in starting one, this hour-long course explains the benefits of building tests that can help employees understand some of the social engineering techniques that hackers use to get them to reveal credentials and proprietary data. Lauren explains exactly how to set up, design, execute and evaluate the results of your test to help ensure it’s a beneficial learning experience for you and your employees.

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A Commitment to Cybersecurity, Online Safety and Privacy during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) kicked off its 15th year at the start of October, with each week of the month representing a different online safety issue. As an NCSAM champion, AmTrust recognizes our commitment to cybersecurity, online safety and privacy. The 2018 theme is “Our Shared Responsibility,” reminding everyone that protecting the internet is a collaborative effort. A strong, cyber secure workforce helps ensures businesses, families, communities and the country’s infrastructure are better protected.

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