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Workers' Compensation Insurance for Private Schools

Teaching is a challenging profession in every respect. At private schools, teachers spend their weekdays guiding students through their lessons, while using their evenings and weekends to grade papers and plan classes. The best reward you can offer your hardworking teachers and staff is quality insurance coverage. Being a teacher may seem like a relatively low-risk vocation, but classroom environments do contain hidden risks. Private school workers' compensation packages can help safeguard teachers' livelihoods in the event of an accident. Mandated by law in most US states, this insurance product can also protect school owners from shouldering the full financial burden of medical bills, rehabilitation services, and liability lawsuits filed by injured staff.

While private schools are generally considered safe environments, accidents can and do still occur. Teachers could injure themselves while decorating their classrooms, have a slip-and-fall accident in a freshly mopped hallway, or even become the victim of classroom violence.

Meanwhile, certain teaching subjects come with additional risks, including chemistry and physical education, where the equipment itself can be hazardous. To help keep your valued staff protected, choose a private school workers' compensation policy through AmTrust Financial Services. The right workers’ comp insurance policy can help cover injured or ill employees’ medical expenses and lost wages while shielding your private school from liability claims and related costs.

Coverage for Work-Related Illness or Injury

There are, unfortunately, many ways that a teacher could become sick or injured at work. They might slip and fall on an icy playground, they could inhale toxic fumes during chemistry class, or a child could act out violently toward them. Generally, private schools workers' compensation will offer coverage for work-related incidents that require medical visits and hospital stays. This insurance product may also offer long-term and permanent disability benefits, too.

Coverage for Vocational Rehabilitation

In some cases, an injured teacher can't return to work immediately due to physical impairments or a sustained disability. Workers' compensation through AmTrust could cover vocational rehabilitation services, so your employees can regain their health and rejoin the classroom as soon as possible. By providing physical therapy, therapeutic exercises, and even ergonomic assessments of the school, vocational rehabilitation can help treat injuries and prevent their reoccurrence, especially in cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and other occupational ailments.

Protection Against Lost Wages

If a teacher is unable to work after a work-related injury or illness, private schools workers' compensation can also help cover some of their lost wages. After all, being without a stable income often forces employees to return to the classroom before being fully recovered. This insurance product is designed to allow teachers the time they need to rest and rehabilitate by supplementing lost wages and other expenses.

Additional Business Insurance for Private Schools

Accidents can happen on the soccer field, during a slip-and-fall in the hallway, or if a fight breaks out between students. Furthermore, your school is exposed to risks from fire, theft, storms, and other disasters just like any other business is. The cost of these risks can quickly drive your school out of business if you aren't prepared.

What Private School Insurance Coverage is Included?

In addition to Workers’ Compensation, Private School Insurance generally covers your school for the following exposures:


Insurance Coverage for School Property

Private schools face a number of risks in relation to their property, some of which are minor while others could seriously jeopardize the continued success of your business. Children and teenagers, as you well know, can sometimes be a bit rough, and damage to property, such as teaching equipment, desks, chairs, and sports equipment, are common for private schools. Damage due to theft and fire is also a serious risk that could lead to substantial costs. Private School Insurance may be able to help cover the costs associated with some of these risks.

Furthermore, your school may fall victim to a natural disaster, such as a storm, flood, or hail. Such disasters can seriously damage your school buildings. Repairs themselves are not only costly, but your school may be forced to close for a period of time. Private School Insurance can cover you for these repairs as well as for the costs you incur due to your school not being able to provide services.

Protection Against Claims

Private Schools see hundreds, even thousands, of people pass through their doors every day, from teachers to students to parents. If any of those people are injured on your school's property, then your business could be held liable. Our Businessowners Policy General Liability coverage is designed to cover your private school for claims brought against it due to injuries and accidents that occur on school premises.

Additionally, as with any small business, private schools are at risk of employment-related disputes. A disgruntled employee could launch a lawsuit against your school for claims related to wage disputes, wrongful termination, discrimination, and so on. These claims are costly, even when they are decided in your favor, but Employment Practices Liability coverage will help reduce these expenses.

Finally, it is likely that your school keeps data on its students, and possibly on parents and employees. While this data may be necessary in order to provide high-quality services, you may be held liable and incur expenses if it is exposed during a security breach. Our Cyber Liability coverage helps protect you from such liability.

How Do I Get Private Schools Workers’ Comp and Business Insurance?

At AmTrust, we make it easy to access top-rated insurance solutions at a reasonable rate. To learn more about workers' compensation and our other bespoke insurance solutions for private schools, reach out today, or fill out our brief form for a free online quote. We're ready to help you safeguard your private school against liability risks, so you can return to what matters most – your students.

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