New Year’s Resolutions for a Safe Workplace

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Summary: Providing a safe workplace not only decreases the risk of accidents and injuries, but also leads to higher productivity and improved employee morale. As we approach 2023, learn safety tips employers can implement as part of their New Year’s resolutions for a healthy, safe workplace.

Workplace Safety Tips for the New Year

The opportunity of a fresh new year brings a time to reflect upon how we can implement some significant improvements to our lives. Most people try to commit to leading a healthier lifestyle, saving money, traveling more, spending time with family, learning new skills, etc.

As individuals contemplate their personal resolutions for the year ahead, businesses should also use the end of the year to reflect on the past, learn from their mistakes and commit to providing a safe and healthy workplace for their employees. Resolving to protect both valuable employees and assets allows your organization a tangible way to be its “best self.”

What are Safety Tips to Practice in the Workplace?

workplace safety tips for the new year

Taking workplace safety seriously should be top of mind for all employers as we approach 2023. Keeping employees safe should be the biggest concern for any business owner, especially since there were 2.6 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private employers in 2021. In addition to providing a safe workplace where employees can thrive, companies with workplace safety programs in place enjoy lower workers’ compensation claim costs and medical expenses, less potential for lost productivity, OSHA fines and more.

Looking forward to 2023, here are a few New Year’s resolutions that can help improve workplace safety:
  • Keep a cleaner, more organized workspace. What can’t be kept clean can’t be kept safe. Hazards can be found in any type of commercial establishment, from offices and machine shops to retail stores and restaurants. Injuries from slips and falls on wet floors or tripping over clutter can easily occur when conditions are not kept clean and organized. Clutter can also increase the risk of fires, especially stockpiles of paper or boxes located near sources of ignition.
  • Establish a solid return-to-work program. If safeguards fail and an injury does occur, make it your company’s mission to return that employee to meaningful, productive working activity within the doctor’s restrictions as soon as possible. These programs benefit both the employer and the injured worker in a variety of ways. For the employee, it helps ease financial stress, keeps skills sharp and can reduce recovery time. The employer enjoys reduced workers’ compensation costs and employee turnover and helps maintain productivity by allowing injured workers to remain valuable contributors.
  • Pay strict attention to driving safety. Every business has a level of driving exposure. In some companies, transportation and driving are central to the operation of their business. In others, it is only an incidental aspect, such as running errands from time to time. No matter how often employees get behind the wheel for company purposes, in almost all cases, it’s by far your most dangerous activity - and the greatest source of fatalities in American workplaces. Driving safety is critical to the welfare of employees, their families and your business.
  • Eliminate taking shortcuts in processes or procedures. Not only is safety enhanced, but so is the quality of your product or service. Make sure all employees understand workplace safety procedures such as proper lifting techniques, how to use new equipment, wearing protective clothing and reporting any unsafe working conditions. Additionally, keep accurate and detailed records of any incidents, including near-miss accidents, so you can continue to learn and improve those processes and procedures.
  • Encourage breaks. When employees get fatigued, they easily become a liability. Tired staff members, especially those who work long shifts, make more mistakes as they cannot fully focus on their tasks, leading to accidents where they harm themselves or their coworkers. Breaks should be scheduled regularly, allowing employees ample time to rest before returning to their duties.
  • Be a role model. As a business owner and leader, resolve to be the strongest role model for safety you can be. You set the tone, and if your behavior reflects the importance of doing things right, your organization will follow you. Unfortunately, the opposite will also be true. Make preventing accidents and injuries one of your top priorities in 2023.
Workplace safety programs should not be considered a short-term expense but a long-term investment into the health of your employees and your business. Companies with robust safety programs can reduce expenses related to worker injuries and illness by 40%. As you prepare to welcome the new year, spend some time thinking about the resolutions your operation can make to help ensure a happy, healthy and injury-free 2023.

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