Sowing the Seeds of Success with Agriculture Insurance

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AmTrust’s Mark Raymie, President of Agriculture Insurance Services recently shared his thoughts about agriculture insurance for an article in the most recent issue of Insurance Business America Magazine.

Today’s farmers face a variety of risks that can cause cataclysmic damage to their farms. The article shares the need for farmers to have a variety of agribusiness coverages to manage these risks, including crop and livestock insurance, a cyber-liability policy and general business coverage including liability and property insurance.

The agriculture industry is dependent on the weather. In a time of extreme weather conditions from hurricanes to hail to wildfires, farmers are being impacted more than ever before. In fact, 2018 has been one of the worst crop insurance loss years in the past ten years.

Mark Raymie explains that an insurance agent who wants to specialize in agribusiness must understand the agronomics of the crops in the area and get to know the farmers and their communities on a more personalized level.

Discover more about the importance of agriculture insurance by reading the full article.

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