Nonprofit Insurance Risk: Opportunity for Independent Agents

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Did you ever think about the insurance needs of a nonprofit organization? You know, those entities one might associate as well-intentioned, but resource-constrained and operating on shoestring budgets?

Actually, nonprofits are potentially an underserved market whose exposures range far beyond standard property and liability coverage. A new product line resulting from AmTrust’s acquisition of First Nonprofit Group can help independent agents not only better understand nonprofits’ needs, but match them with the coverage and services that will help them protect their assets.

Get to know AmTrust’s nonprofit offerings and how they can open new business opportunities for you. Also consider the referral potential in this line of business, as purchasing decisions are typically overseen by outside boards of directors who may have insurance needs for their own business endeavors.

AmTrust Nonprofit Coverage Inclusions

  • Primary Liability Insurance – Standard limits are $1 million per occurrence for General liability; $1 million per occurrence for Sex Abuse; $1 million per occurrence for SocialWork; $1 million per occurrence for Medical; $3 million policy aggregate
  • Umbrella Policy – Limits up to $10 million above Primary Liability
  • Workers’ Comp
  • Auto
  • Sexual Abuse Liability
  • Social Work Foster Care & Counseling Liability
  • Incidental and Vicarious Medical Liability
  • Special Event Liability – Standard limit is $1 million with higher limits available
  • Directors and Officers Liability – Standard limit is $1 million with higher limits available

Who is Nonprofit Insurance For?

AmTrust’s preferred nonprofit organizations include those whose programs and services are in the areas of:

  • Arts and culture
  • Group housing
  • Youth services
  • Human services
  • Education
  • Mental health/crisis intervention
  • Food and nutrition
  • Recreation
  • Religious organizations

More information about this product line and how to submit business is available here and through your regional sales manager. Not an AmTrust appointed agent? You could be missing out on growth in a valuable industry.


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