Why Choose AmTrust

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We have multi-tiered pricing and multi-line capability, combined with exceptional customer service and a dedicated sales and underwriting staff, who all share the same vision. Insurance is our product, customer service is our business.

Payment Options

We have cost-effective and flexible payment options to fit your insured’s needs. We offer a variety of ways to pay including online payment and pay-as-you-owe, as well as payment by phone or check.

Risk Management

At AmTrust North America, we specialize in risk management solutions and are dedicated to helping your insureds mitigate losses in the workplace. Whether they require safety and loss prevention assistance, underwriting support, risk management and administration, auditing, inspection or overall risk management solutions, our loss control team give you the individualized attention your insureds deserve.

Claims Service

We have a 24/7 Claims Reporting Center where our Claims Specialists will provide your insureds with live assistance when reporting a claim that can be accessed online. Regional claims professionals located around the country properly take care of your claim and ensure a seamless and efficient process.



Time Zones