How to Be a Successful Insurance Agent

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Ten Characteristics of a Great Insurance Agent

It takes a certain type of person to be a successful insurance agent. Great insurance agents have certain qualities and skills that fit together like puzzle pieces to define their success. The talents needed range from people and technological skills to great salesmanship and everything in between. Below are some of the characteristics a successful insurance agent needs to complete their puzzle:

Characteristics of a great insurance agent


People Skills

People skills are the number one characteristic of a successful insurance agent. They must be able to communicate with others easily without using technical terms or insurance jargon that could mislead clients. Agents must have the ability to listen and empathize with clients to understand what they need and want. On top of all these skills, good agents must put the needs of the client first. Doing so will allow the agent to put together a successful insurance program for their clients. An agent who only wants to earn a commission without considering their clients needs will not last long in the insurance industry.


Good Salesmanship

Insurance agents are salespeople by nature. Along with strong people skills, agents need to have strong sales skills to acquire, nurture and maintain their clients. Agents can hone their skills by attending a variety of seminars and participating in professional training programs.


Customer Service Skills

Strong customer service skills are essential for an insurance agent to succeed. Timely responses to inquiries, emails and phone calls are a must. Customers want their insurance agents to help them resolve issues quickly and easily. Having a strong work ethic works hand-in-hand with having good customer service skills. Being proactive both when developing new client relationships and maintaining current client relationships is key to a successful career as an insurance agent.


High Energy Level

To be a good insurance agent, it is important to be motivated, excited, upbeat and engaging with your customers. Showing a passion for what you do will reflect in your relationships with your clients.



As the old adage goes, “Honesty is the best policy.” This is never more true for insurance agents. A good agent will win more respect and gain more trust from their clients by telling the truth up front. Deceptive agents do not stay in the insurance industry very long.


Knowledge on a Variety of Products

A successful insurance agent will be able to offer a comprehensive solution that can meet their customers’ demands. They understand the products and services they are selling and can describe them in an easily understandable manner.


Technical Knowledge

Insurance agents must know more than just how to sell an insurance policy. They must understand their clients’ financial situations, plus be aware of tax and other legal aspects that would apply to the policies they are selling and how that can impact their clients’ finances.



No one likes rejection, but how well you handle it will help you become a better insurance agent. Persistence is vital to building a strong book of business. Good insurance agents understand that someone saying “no” could ultimately lead them closer to another person who will say “yes.”


Love of Learning

Great insurance agents are always learning. They are eager to learn new products, understand more about their industry and add to their skill base on an ongoing basis. Building connections to other agents or leaders in their field can further enhance your knowledge and provide helpful suggestions and opportunities to learn valuable lessons about your industry.


Choose the Right Carrier

Working with the right carrier is key to an insurance agent’s road to success. An established insurance company will allow the agent to sell a variety of products, earn commissions and provide options for personal and career growth.


Solving the Puzzle of a Great Insurance Agent

By fitting all of these character pieces together, an image of a great insurance agent appears. Each puzzle piece is interconnected and evolving as the insurance agent learns and grows in their career.

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