Workers' Compensation Insurance for Contractors

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As one of the nation’s largest workers' compensation insurance carriers, we have more than 350 eligible classes of business. Today we take a closer look at our workers’ compensation appetite for contractors. As a general rule, heights and depths are risks we steer away from, and we prefer three years' prior coverage on artisan contracting risks. 

We look at the story behind every account to try and understand the risk involved and will make exceptions in certain cases, but as a general rule:
  • At least one full-time employee (in addition to the owners)
  • Fewer than 75 employees at a single location at the same time. For larger work sites, we will look at egress and number of stories.
  • Generally, one year in business with workers’ compensation coverage with loss run history submitted.
  • Prefer three years’ prior coverage on artisan contracting risks, though will consider an artisan contractor that hasn’t had coverage before if they were a sole proprietor now adding new employees

Here’s an example of the type of contractors we would cover:

Contractors: Our Workers' Comp Appetite Risks Covered

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