Workers' Compensation

For appointed agents, AmTrust's reputation and resources serve as key selling points when marketing our workers' compensation line of coverage.

Enjoy the backing and resources of the third largest workers' compensation insurance company nationwide.

A broad range of low-risk preferred class codes gives agents flexibility to earn competitive commissions.

Appointed agents have access to our online system that makes it quick and easy to serve policyholders.

An Industry Leader

AmTrust is an industry leader in workers' compensation. We are the third largest workers' compensation insurance company in the United States by market share and have received an "A" (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best. As a trusted and financially stable company, we can put the resources of a large insurance company to work for small and mid-sized businesses.

An Industry Leader

A Focus on Small Business

Our policyholders are the businesses you'll find when you walk down any Main Street. As an appointed AmTrust agent, you can directly access our robust system to provide small and mid-size business owners quick feedback on their applications, policies and plans. Our extensive network, unparalleled experience, and strong reputation serving small businesses gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to providing the right workers' compensation coverage.

Because we handle our insureds concerns about claims, loss control resources, auditing and other issues, you can help potential policyholders rest assured that AmTrust workers' compensation coverage will always put their needs first.

A Focus on Small Business

Preferred Class Codes

AmTrust maintains a broad appetite when it comes to class codes, which makes marketing our workers' compensation coverage even easier for our agents. We currently underwrite over 350 class codes, which makes us an ideal fit for a vast number of small businesses. For agents, that means finding new policyholders and earning commissions is easy. While not all-inclusive, our workers' compensation coverage is particularly well-suited for the following classes:

  • Artisan contractors
  • Beauty shops
  • Buildings - operations by owners or contractors
  • Doctors & Dentists
  • Hotels
  • Machine shops - Light metalworking
  • Private schools
  • Professional offices
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Wholesale stores
On the other hand, we generally avoid industries that have an especially high risk of injury, such as farming, nursing homes, fast food delivery, and heavy construction. Focusing on a wide variety of low-risk businesses is in the interests of our agents, our policyholders, and AmTrust as a whole. This approach allows us to keep our prices competitive for those we insure, while supporting the agents who support us. For our preferred classes, we strive to provide a policy that is priced in such a way that both the policyholders and our agents are satisfied.

Preferred Class Codes

Flexibility for Agents and Policyholders

We have developed a system that is easy and flexible for both our agents and our policyholders to use. Our appointed agents have direct access to AmTrust's host of tools and resources, which, among other things, make rating potential policyholders and providing them with a quote quick and simple. That ease of use increases the chances of agents being able to market to small businesses more effectively.
Our policyholders, meanwhile, have access to an online system that makes tracking their workers' compensation program easy. We offer simple and flexible payment options, such as industry leading PAYO® and 15 other options. We also support self-reporting for some premium audit processes with the goal of making the audit process as simple and streamlined as possible. Finally, those we insure have a number of convenient options when filing and tracking a claim

Flexibility for Agents and Policyholders

Time Zones