Assure Space Blue Origin Factory Tour

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Assure Space, backed by AmTrust Financial, headed to Cocoa Beach, Florida, for their annual renewal meeting. Acquired by AmTrust in 2016, Assure Space supports space risks by providing specific insurance products for the space industry.

While there, team members from Assure Space and AmTrust took a tour of the new @BlueOrigin Factory, a company that develops reusable rocket engines and launch vehicles empowered by the vision of millions of people living and working one day in space. They spent time in the OneWeb Factory, Kennedy Space Center and enjoyed a successful annual meeting.

Assure Space team in front of rocket

Pictured in the photos are: Norm Rosenberg (NY Office), Chris Jarvis (AmTrust London), Malcolm Barnes (AmTrust London), Richard Parker (Assure Space in Maryland), Kelly Bromley (Assure Space in Maryland) ,Alois Rouffiac (AmTrust London)

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