What to Know About Workers' Comp from AmTrust

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Working hard to provide reliable, affordable coverage

When it comes to workers’ comp insurance, every business wants options and value. At AmTrust, we can help you provide your customers with both. Small businesses all over the country rely on the AmTrust name because we offer:

  • Customized coverage
  • Reputable service, supported by an "A-" (Excellent), FSC “XV,” Stable Outlook rating from A.M. Best
  • Experience as one of nation’s largest writers of workers’ comp insurance that gives us the insight to anticipate and accommodate the changing needs of businesses serving dozens of industries

Here are six workers' comp facts about AmTrust that can help you build a profitable workers’ comp book of business:

1. We work with multiple rating companies

  • By tapping into our network of LCMs, we can give our agent partners a competitive edge
  • Our affiliate LCMs provide us with a range of pricing options that you can build into your coverage proposals for your customers

2. We have an extensive coverage appetite

  • More than 350 classes of eligible business

  • Coverage includes artisan contractors, beauty shops, buildings, doctors and dentists, grocery stores, private schools, professional offices, retail and wholesale stores, and restaurants

  • Wide range of low-risk preferred class codes gives you the flexibility to earn competitive commissions

3. We are leaders in loss control

  • Equip your customers with the resources, training and confidence they need to create – and maintain – a safe workplace.
  • Loss control specialists provide every insured with an in-depth risk assessment, on-demand safety education, expert training and ongoing support
  • Strategic approach to loss control will lead to not only increased safety, but also direct cost savings for your customers’ businesses

4. We provide unparalleled claims management

  • Averaging more than 20 years of experience per adjusters
  • Our claims adjusters are able to maintain focus due to below industry average workloads – AmTrust adjusters handle 115 claims per month vs 140, the industry average
  • Team approach to the claims-filing process between the injured worker, employer and medical professional. Our triage-trained nurse case managers assess each severe injury and then work with an adjuster to ensure the claim is filed successfully

5. Our technology ensures a quick turnaround

  • Online system targets our most select job classes, enabling same-day binding of coverage with minimal underwriting
  • Allows you and your policyholders to view policies and claim details whenever and wherever it’s convenient
  • With our Direct Submit system, you can generate a quote indication that will be submitted directly to an underwriter for consideration

6. We give customers a say in how they pay

  • To help you accommodate your customers, AmTrust offers an array of payment options.
  • These include AmTrust AutoPay (direct debit), electronic check (online or by phone) and Pay-As-You-Owe® (PAYO®).
  • PAYO® offers a simplified automated process that eliminates the need to write checks or pay individual invoices to maintain coverage. It also allows policyholders to bind their workers’ comp coverage without putting any money down at the inception – or renewal – of a policy.

6 things to know about workers' comp

Supporting you every step of the way

At AmTrust, our commitment to your success doesn’t end the moment a policy is written. It continues throughout your relationship with your customers. Whatever you need to support them – from our submission platforms to our payment options – we have you covered.


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