5 Ways to Make LinkedIn Work for Independent Insurance Agents

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Valuable, insightful information about your business prospects is at your fingertips when you tap the power and reach of LinkedIn. Are you using your profile and that of your agency to their fullest?

They say – “they” being Wikipedia – that two new people join LinkedIn every second. And in the United States the site is up to 74 million members. Check that, 74 million and two.

Many of these members are your clients, your prospects, and oh yeah, your competitors. Realizing success with LinkedIn involves building and engaging your network. That means adding connections AND posting relevant content.

How to Energize Your LinkedIn Presence

Did you ever experience a prospect that ignored or was slow to respond to an email or voicemail. Try this next time. Send them a message through LinkedIn and watch how quickly they respond. There’s something about an InMail message that seems to get people to click faster. 

Complete Your Profile

Keep in mind many members search by keyword on LinkedIn for people or services they’re looking for. The more complete your profile the more likely you’ll be found.


Establishing connections is the bread-and-butter of LinkedIn. Be disciplined about inviting each business contact you meet to connect with you on LinkedIn. It’s a great follow-up for leaving a lasting impression that differentiates you, while opening a new avenue to communicate.

Further, don’t ignore the notifications you receive from individuals wanting you to connect with them. Build that network, as long as it’s a legitimate connection. Keep in mind some ne’er-do-wells may want to connect with you simply to have access to your network. If you sense anything dishonest or deceptive, click the “ignore” button without guilt.

Solicit Recommendations

In our business, referrals and recommendations hold significant value. Studies show that 90 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations, as opposed to just 14 percent who trust advertisements. Use the “Recommendation” feature on LinkedIn and ask those who you’ve serviced to write one for you. It’ll boost your credibility and, again, help differentiate you from competitors.

Participate in Groups

LinkedIn “Groups” are an effective way to connect with like-minded people and influential names. Join groups within the insurance industry, and beyond that contribute to their conversations. It can help portray you as an expert in the field.

Use for Sales Prospecting

LinkedIn profiles of our sales prospects hold a treasure trove of biographical information that can help us connect on a personal level when referencing during a sales call – sharing a university experience, a past employer/industry, perhaps a city of residence. Plus LinkedIn makes it more feasible to go directly to a C-level prospect and bypass the chain of command you’d otherwise likely need to navigate to reach that person.

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