3 Twitter Tips for Insurance Agents

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Whether you are an experienced Twitter user or just started contemplating sending out your first tweet, we wanted to provide you with three helpful Twitter tips for insurance agents. It’s important to keep in mind that Twitter can be a great way to network with insurance industry professionals, and connect with potential clients, but you should develop a twitter strategy to maximize results and position yourself as an insurance expert.  Here are our 3 Twitter Tips for Insurance Agents:

Tip 1: Engage in the Conversation

Networking online is just one way AmTrust appointed agents Write More Business.After researching tweets from insurance industry leaders and discovering what might resonate with your followers, start publishing your own tweets. You can share insurance news, helpful tips and even ask questions of your followers. It’s also important to engage with other users by retweeting messages you found to be helpful or responding to a tweet to join in on a conversation. This is an excellent technique to gain additional followers, which boosts your networking power.
Remember it is important to be concise on Twitter. After all that’s what Twitter is all about. So feel free to use abbreviations and services like bitly to shorten links. And keep that character count at 140 or less.

Tip 2: Become Fluent in the Language

In order to effectively communicate on Twitter, become familiar with the common symbols and terms used.  Understanding and using this lingo will make you look like a Twitter pro from the start.

  • Tweet: A tweet is a message posted on Twitter which can have up to 140 characters.
  • @Username: the @ symbol indicates a Twitter user’s handle. Including the @ (w/username) in a tweet will direct your tweet to that specific user.
  • Home/Feed: Your home page is where all of the tweets from the users you follow will appear.
  • # (Hashtag): Using a # and a keyword is a way to categorize or search tweets on a specific topic.
  • Retweet (RT): A tweet that is reposted or shared by someone.
  • Followers: Those individuals who are following your account. Once someone follows you, your tweets willappear on their home page.
  • Mention: A tweet containing another user’s Twitter name, using the @ symbol.

Tip 3: Follow Others

Search for insurance industry leaders, colleagues, organizations and clients who are active on Twitter and follow them. This is a good technique to encourage them to follow you back. Monitor your home page to read others’ tweets and you will find topic and ideas for your own tweets.   

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Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published on April 12, 2016 and has been updated and edited.


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