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Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Hair Salons

It takes time to create the ideal hair salon, find a talented team of stylists and attract a loyal client base. Once you've turned your dreams into reality, it's vital to protect what you've built. As a salon owner, safeguarding your small business means having the right insurance coverage for your employees.

If one of your employees sustains a work-related injury or illness, your salon needs the right level of workers' compensation insurance to stay protected. Mandated by law in most states, this insurance generally helps to shoulder the financial burden of an employee's medical and disability expenses, rehabilitation services and even lost wages. Workers' comp can also provide your business with immunity in the event of a lawsuit for the injury or illness in question.

Protecting Your Valued Employees with the Right Small Business Insurance

Your stylists work tirelessly to give their clients beautiful haircuts, perfect up-dos, and sleek blowouts. But inside this sophisticated setting, it's vital to acknowledge the risk factors at play. While creating their masterpieces, your staff likely wields sharp scissors and hot equipment like hair dryers and straighteners, and they also use styling products that might cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation. Hair salons can face a higher risk for slip-and-fall accidents when hair clippings, shampoo spills and water pile up between cuts and cleanups. As a salon owner with employees, you may want to consider or even be required to carry workers' compensation insurance to keep your business protected. 


Coverage for Work-Related Illness or Injury

If an employee sustains a work-related injury or illness, your hair salon's workers' compensation policy can step in to help. If their health condition is critical, the medical bills and hospital expenses can be astronomical. Without workers' compensation, the financial burden could fall on your business. In general, workers' comp for hair salons can help cover these expenses and can either prevent or help respond to an employee filing a legal claim against your salon. This insurance may also assist in the event of long-term or permanent disability.

Coverage for Vocational Rehabilitation

It takes years of training and mentorship to become a qualified hair stylist and gain a loyal clientèle of salon patrons. To help ensure your employees don't lose their careers after an accident, vocational rehabilitation assists in retraining lost skill sets and accommodating any physical impairment. These specialized services are often covered by workers' compensation, which allows your employee to return to work as quickly as practicable without paying hefty out-of-pocket fees for their rehabilitation.

Protection Against Lost Wages

The financial stress of medical bills is magnified when the injured or unwell employee can't return to work immediately. Generally, workers' compensation can help alleviate this burden by providing claimants a percentage of their lost wages. During this difficult time, employees should focus on their recovery, rather than jeopardizing their health by rushing back to the salon.

How to Get Workers' Compensation for Your Salon

AmTrust Financial makes it simple to create a tailored insurance package for your hair salon. We offer access to hair salons workers' compensation packages and other top-rated products to help safeguard your small business from various financial hardships.

Additional Types of Hair Salon Insurance Policies

In addition to the typical issues most business owners deal with such as protecting their building against damage, hair salon owners and hair stylists have a diverse array of responsibilities that are unique to their businesses. Keeping track of financing, monitoring employees, purchasing grooming essentials and stocking hair products can present specific risks to a salon.

Just as homeowners purchase insurance policies to safeguard their properties against potential damage, the majority of hair salon owners have insurance coverage for similar reasons. Since every hair salon is run differently and offers varying services, ensuring you have the proper amount of coverage for your unique needs is important. If you employ other hair stylists, adding employment practices liability insurance coverage can protect against legal fees if an employee ever brings a claim against your business.

In addition to workers’ compensation coverage, the different types of insurance policies almost every small business has include:

Property Insurance: Often included as part of a businessowners policy (BOP), property insurance helps protect the building where you run your hair salon as well as any equipment or tools you use such as curling irons, furniture, laptops, hair brushes, and more.

Professional Liability Insurance for Hairdressers: Having professional liability insurance is an important way to protect your salon in the event that a lawsuit is filed against your business. For example, if a customer or an employee alleges he or she became injured while visiting your salon, this policy can help to cover legal fees. Having a hair salon liability insurance policy in place is particularly important because of the unique equipment and products that are used like hot curling irons and chemical-based hair colors.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI): Can help to pay for the costs associated with a legal claim if a current or past employee claims he or she was wrongfully terminated or discriminated against. For example, if an employee claims that you didn't have the proper medical accommodations in place, forcing him or her to resign, this policy can help to keep your business running throughout the litigation process.

Disability Insurance: Replaces a portion of your or an employee's income whenever a disability prevents the ability to work. Disability insurance typically doesn't cover medical or long-term care expenses. The key difference between this type of insurance and workers' compensation is disability insurance can supplement an individual's income - even if their accident or injury did not occur at work.

How Can I Learn More about Hair Salon Insurance?

AmTrust Financial makes it simple to create a tailored insurance package for your hair salon. We offer access to hair salons workers' compensation packages and other top-rated products to help safeguard your small business from various financial hardships. To start building your coverage plan, contact us today.

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