Defending Against Workplace Hazards: Your Best Offense is a Good Defense

Topics: Loss Control

What’s true in football is also true when it comes to workplace safety: the best offense is a good defense. Having a championship-caliber loss control program that can defend against workplace hazards is the key to successfully mitigating risk and keeping your workplace safe. After all, defenses win championships.

Reducing risks helps business not only protect their employees, but also save on the bottom line with a reduction in hazards and workers’ compensation claims, assistance in managing risks and providing training for staff.

AmTrust offers you comprehensive loss control resources such as:
  • Expert training such as video training guides and quizzes with certificates of completion.
  • Loss control consultants that can conduct corporate, job site and premise surveys that may include recommendations for hazard identification and control.
  • Extensive collection of loss control resources relevant to your industry and specific hazards available here.
  • Loss analysis that offers insight by providing data to spot underlying trends specific to your organization.

For more information on how we can help you creating a winning loss control program within your organization, please contact us by email at or by phone at 888.486.7466 ext. 363275.

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