Workers' Comp: Prevention is a Smart Investment

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According to a December 16, 2014 news release from the US Department of Labor Statistics, the most common cause of workers’ comp claims, spanning all industries, is “overexertion and/or bodily reaction,” causing sprains, strains and yes, workers’ comp claims.

Despite the high rate of occurrence, on-the-job mishaps can be serious, disabling and quite costly. Ironically, sprains and strains (legally and medically knows as Musculoskeletal Disorders, or MSDs) are the easiest to prevent.

Top 5 Workers’ Compensation Claims

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According to the US Department of Labor, these are the 5 most common worker's compensation claims in the United States:

  1. Overexertion
  2. Contact with object or equipment
  3. Falls, slips or trips
  4. Transportation incidents
  5. Violence and other injuries caused by persons or animals

From ergonomically correct office desks, chairs and stations, to proper storage of tools, to proper training and education in safety and wellness, businesses have grown smarter about focusing on injury prevention, knowing that it affects the wellbeing of employees, the strength of their business, and the health of their bottom line.

Business owners and managers are responsible for providing a safe, healthy environment for employees, and employees are responsible for following safety guidelines and mandates.
Not only does AmTrust have comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance coverage, we also provide policyholders with the tools and resources to help prevent workplace injuries from occurring in the first place. 

Prevention is a Smart Investment

Brad Wilkins, AmTrust Loss Control Manager, discussed how AmTrust goes the extra mile to help policyholders lessen workplace injury risks.

“AmTrust provides complementary Loss Control services to policyholders. We help small and mid-size businesses mitigate workplace injuries in a variety of ways. First of all, we provide comprehensive workers’ comp insurance coverage and products at competitive rates to protect our policyholders,” he said.

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“In addition to that, we provide robust Loss Control programs, services and resources for our insureds, designed to help businesses prevent workplace injuries, which helps lessen the occurrence of workers’ comp insurance claims."

Brad also talked about the in-person, customized consultation provided by AmTrust. “We send work safety consultants to an insured company to assess conditions, analyze hazards and  provide recommended solutions, so they can see areas where they may want to focus their efforts.”   

Another key feature in the AmTrust realm of loss prevention includes easy online access to the AmTrust Loss Control Department.

“Beyond in-person loss control consultations, we also offer comprehensive, online loss control training and educational materials, housed in our AmTrust Loss Control Library. The library is a vital resource for all small business owners. Here, they can easily access an immense collection of up-to-date training and safety videos, and educational PDFs—that cross several industries. It’s definitely a valuable use of time and resources for any company, and the great thing is, companies can use our resources to tailor solutions to their specific needs, culture and goals, Wilkins said.

Loss Control Resources from AmTrust

  • AmTrust Loss Control Resources
  • Workplace Safety Resources
  • Safety/Risk Management Consultation
  • Informational  and training resources
  • Regionally located consultants across North America
  • Job site surveys
  • Hazard Identification & Control Surveys and Techniques
  • Education and training
  • Accident investigation
  • Loss analysis

To sum it all up, it pays to take the time to invest in your employees by investing in safety prevention in your business. In other words, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of claims.

Learn more about how your agency and client can benefit from AmTrust Loss Control services and comprehensive lines of coverages for small to mid-size businesses.

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