Tips for Connecting Online With Small Business Prospects

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Earlier this week we talked about 5 ways to win over a small business prospect, which includes bonding personally with your prospects and adding value to their business. While many of the methods of which we suggest our independent agents and agent partners use are new, the purpose behind all of them is the same: to help you write more business.

One of the most common challenges independent insurance agents face today, especially in the small business sector, is in the digital space. As the competition reaches customers online, it can be difficult for non-tech-savvy agents to keep pace. But that doesn’t have to be the case, which is why we’re presenting today: Tips for Connecting Online with Your Small Business Prospects.

Get LinkedIn

Networking online is a great way for small businesses to make high-value connections.One of the best ways for B2B companies and organizations to reach prospects is through the online professional network site known as LinkedIn.* Later this month we’ll walk you through how to set up and optimize your LinkedIn account, but let’s start with the “why” of it first.

Within this social media network, independent agents can:

  • Connect with small business owners and decision makers
  • Share industry news and educational materials
  • Post blogs and other information right within their own profile
  • Reach out to prospects with private messages

While some of the terminology is a bit confusing (share, connect, etc.), the idea of connecting with your prospects in their own space is not new. Right now, the digital space is where everyone is hanging out. And as more millennials join the business world, digital companies and digitally minded business owners are likely to become the norm.

Learn Inbound Marketing Techniques

Inbound marketing is a technique that allows you to create and provide educational and informative content that introduces you and your product to your prospects. The prospect then engages with you by taking advantage of an offer (like taking a webinar or downloading a sell sheet), during which time you can collect their contact information. This lead generation model is common practice within the marketing sphere and is a great way for independent insurance agents to take advantage of the digital space.

Here’s what an inbound marketing campaign could look like for independent agents:

  • Agent offers a webinar on cyber liability and the rising cost of data breaches (add value)
  • Clients and prospects sign up for the FREE webinar (generate leads)
  • Agent educates and informs clients and prospects on the issue and offers a solution (market the product)
  • Interested attendees sign up to learn more about the products, and non-interested attendees are invited to connect with you the agent on social media (move to sales or maintain as a lead)

As an agent, you don’t want to be spending a ton of time promoting yourself. Instead, you want to be engaging with your clients, strengthening those relationships, and expanding client policies to grow your own business. Using inbound marketing you can spend less time selling your business and more time building relationships.

Inbound marketing can help AmTrust appointed agents write more business.

Why Connect with Small Business Prospects Online?

Whether you’ve been in the industry for decades, or you’re just starting out as an independent insurance agent, chances are you can see a common trend emerging. Companies today are more digital than ever, because people are using the internet on their mobile or desktop devices more than ever.

Between social media, online news sources, and email, there’s a huge opportunity for independent agents to take advantage of these new marketing efforts. The biggest benefit to the digital space is that it often doesn’t take a huge investment to get started, and sometimes it doesn’t take anything more than your time. LinkedIn and email are both free—but they’re also two of the most productive ways for agents to connect online with their small business prospects.

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