Social Media, the Sweat Equity of Your Business

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Insurance agents are realizing the value in social media marketing. Where they need help is in determining how best to go about executing it.

Social media is here to stay. It’s not a teenager’s hobby. It’s not just for your spouse’s recipes or for sports commentary. It’s time to embrace social media, and in a grander sense, digital marketing, for networking and promoting your insurance business.

Networking in the Information Age

One of our social media gurus, Regional Sales Manager Kimberly Shattuck, says the more effort you put into staying connected via social channels, the more you’ll get out of it. If you go where the eyes of your customers are, and you interact with engaging content, you’ll be noticed.

Good independent insurance agents, by nature, are strong networkers. Using social media tools can help cast your nets wider, while at the same time dig deeper into strengthening existing relationships. In its simplest form, social media involves adapting what you do already to these new online platforms.

Shattuck conducts seminars on social media for insurance agents all over the Southeast, and one component she commonly includes is this: There are three things no one can take away from you – your network, your education and your reputation. And you should always be building each one. Social media allows you to expand your network both in-person and online.

“Digital marketing is the new competitive edge and the way to build your influence in a social world,” Shattuck said. “Independent agents are realizing that and starting to shift marketing dollars away from traditional campaigns and into social media marketing. It’s an awesome sales prospecting tool, and if you’re not using it you’re falling behind.”

How to Get Started with Digital Marketing

With 200 or more commonly used social media networks in existence, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Realize you don’t need to be active in all of them, but rather start with the ones that your customers and prospects are using most frequently. Typically these are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogging.

Then participate. Be out there sharing compelling content and engaging with others. All the while you’re communicating, connecting and yes, prospecting. People are seeing your content and they’re forming opinions about the type of person you are. And isn’t that the first step in doing business with someone, getting them to know you and like you?

“Social media is a fun way to get folks to like you and trust you,” Shattuck said. “And quite frankly, it’s doing what you’re already doing, but in an online, digital forum.”

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