Branding Your Agency with AmTrust

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AmTrust appointed TrueBlue agents are rewarded for meeting annual goals with a $5,000 annual co-op marketing credit. But choosing how to use those marketing funds can be challenging for even the most seasoned AmTrust appointed agent.

To help with this, we did a little digging and found a helpful resource to point you in the right direction. In 2009, Laura Ries and Al Ries wrote The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding. The book was a huge success, and while many things have definitely changed in the years following, there are a few rules that successful independent insurance agents would be wise to keep in mind.

Follow the Law of Credentials

In the book, the authors expound upon what they call “the law of credentials.” In a nutshell, the law means that in order for your brand to be successful, you have to be authentic and credible. But for an independent insurance agent, credibility can be difficult. That it’s important to have a brand people know and trust in your product offerings.

In 2017, AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. (“AFSI”) was named a Fortune 500 company. As a publicly traded multinational property and casualty insurer, AFSI is a reputable and well-known company that can add credibility and authenticity to a growing independent insurance agency. We also have an “A” (Excellent), FSC “XV” rating from A.M. Best, which is an indication of ongoing financial stability.

Follow the Law of Consistency

Reputation and consistency are keys to AmTrust appointed agent success.

As AFSI and its subsidiaries have continued to grow, so too has the success of our agent partners. The Law of Consistency basically says that in order for your brand to be successful, you’ve got to keep going.

AmTrust TrueBlue agents get to take advantage of our consistency by co-branding marketing promotional items with the AmTrust North America, Inc. name. This joint marketing effort supports the AmTrust product offering and class appetite, and can help you gain credibility with your clients.

Follow the Law of Singularity

Nothing kills a brand like lack of direction. To follow the Law of Singularity, you’ve got to be single-minded in the way you approach and represent your brand to your clients and business partners. As an independent agent, the way to use singularity to grow your brand is to continue to grow yourself. You are your brand.

AmTrust appointed agents can use their $5,000 annual co-op marketing funds for more than just marketing. You can also use the funds on staff continuing education or even a holiday party (so long as an AmTrust representative is in attendance). This is just one more way the AmTrust family supports brand growth for independent insurance agents and agent partners.

Brand Your Agency with AmTrust

Whether you are just starting out or you’re as successful as our AmTrust TrueBlue agents, you can take advantage of the strength and integrity of the AmTrust name by becoming an AmTrust appointed agent. With a team of knowledgeable industry experts by your side, 24/7 agent support, and the plethora of products we offer, you’ll have tools to help grow your brand.


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