An Out-of-This-World Opportunity

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A not-so-long time ago – at insurance companies near and far away – the practice of providing customized small business coverage was as rare as an extraterrestrial sighting.

Carrying out our mission to serve small businesses, AmTrust continues to explore new frontiers in the commercial insurance space. A Fortune 500 company, AmTrust provides business owners ranging from artisans and contractors to restaurateurs and real estate developers with affordable, customized coverage solutions.

AmTrust’s suite of products allows agent partners to set their sights on bigger books of business

In the spirit of National Science Fiction Day – celebrated Wednesday, Jan. 2 – let’s blast through a few reasons why partnering with AmTrust is good for business.

1. Workers’ Compensation. When it comes to creating affordable coverage plans for small businesses, AmTrust is light years ahead of the competition. Utilizing industry-leading technology, we can quote a workers’ comp policy quickly and easily. We can even write policies for completely new ventures that fit emerging demands in the market.

Recognizing the importance of flexibility, our underwriters and agents work closely with the businesses we insure to design the specific packages they need to be in compliance. Additionally, we offer advanced reporting, monitoring and audit options, so your customers can always see how their policy is performing.

Here are even more reasons to join forces with us for our workers’ comp coverage:

We offer multiple insurance companies with tiered rates. Our various insurance companies offer different tiers of LCMs to provide a range of pricing options that you can build into your coverage proposals.
We have an extensive underwriting appetite. With more than 350 eligible workers’ comp class codes, we cover a broad range of businesses.
We are leaders in loss control. Our loss control specialists offer insureds in-depth risk assessments, on-demand safety education, expert training and ongoing support.
We provide unparalleled claims management. Averaging over 20 years of experience, AmTrust adjusters handle fewer claims each month than other adjusters in the industry. As a result, every claim gets the prompt attention and thorough review it deserves.
We give your customers a say in how they pay. We offer AmTrust AutoPay (direct debit), electronic check and Pay-As-You-Owe (PAYO), which allows policyholders to bind their workers’ comp coverage without putting any money down at the inception or renewal of a policy.

2. Cyber Liability. Like angry aliens invading Earth, cyberattacks can have devastating consequences. AmTrust-appointed agents can easily add cyber liability insurance to a policyholder’s existing coverage. Realizing the damage a cyberattack can cause, we offer our appointed agents and their policyholders access to a resource library full of loss control content designed to reduce the likelihood of a devastating breach.

3. BOP. If your customers think coverage options are only offered a la carte, they haven’t heard of a Business Owners Policy (BOP). Ideal for most small businesses, a BOP bundles the major coverages – like general liability, property, equipment breakdown and business interruption insurance – into one affordable policy. What’s more, you can enhance a customer’s policy with employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) and cyber liability coverage, safeguarding your customers against these growing risks.

4. EPLI. An employee lawsuit can be scarier than a close encounter with an alien life form. Comprehensive and affordable, our Employment Practices Liability Insurance earns AmTrust-appointed agents a 15 percent commission. Coverage can be automatically added onto qualifying policies, and there’s no minimum premium.

5. Commercial Package. Like the fur on Chewbacca, a commercial package policy (CPP) provides plenty of coverage. Designed for growing businesses with complex coverage needs, a CPP offers an array of customized coverages, all in a single policy. Our package policies can be as comprehensive as you need them to be. Besides protecting your customers against property damage and general liability claims, you can provide additional peace of mind with EPLI, cyber liability and inland marine insurance, among others.

A meteoric rise in revenue doesn’t have to be fantasy

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